How Your Gym Staff Can Avoid Workplace Fatigue

Being a gym owner is such a blessing—you get to own a business that you are passionate about and build a team around you that shares that same passion. The team that you hire and work with should be a direct reflection of the type of energy you wish you to bring your customers and clients each and every day.

Your gym should have an environment that is conducive to amazing training sessions that leave your members satisfied, but so much of that depends on your staff. They have to smile, stay upbeat, and train your members. Over time, they may start to feel burnt out and fatigued. While that may be perfectly normal, it is important to recognize the signs of burnt-out gym staff and learn how to reinvigorate them! Here are a few tips from the team at F45 Training on how your gym staff can avoid workplace fatigue and continue to feel energized.

Put yourself in their shoes and create a workplace that you would enjoy working in.

Ask yourself this simple question: if you were in your staff members’ shoes, what would make you feel valued and appreciated? What would allow you to feel recharged and ready to take on the day? Would it be beneficial to have short staff meetings where you highlight their hard work? (Remember: the key here is to have short meetings that are solely meant to highlight their hard work. You may lose their attention and their energy may fade after 15-20 minutes!) Would you be motivated by the environment you have currently? We encourage you to brainstorm a few ways to show your appreciation for your staff throughout the day and work week, as that can give them a chance to realize how valued they truly are.

Remind your team to remember the bottom line.

It can be very easy to get caught up in the day-to-day tasks of a staff member at a gym. Oftentimes, people start to feel overwhelmed and get lost in their daily routines and tasks. We encourage you to make sure your staff is reminded of their why. What do they get out of this job? Is it encouraging other people to live the healthiest lives they possibly can? Do your employees enjoy making a difference in the community? Bring them back to your purpose and your mission as a company, and connect them to that end result. You can do this by simply having a brief staff meeting to share success stories or encouraging them to keep the end goal in mind every time they clock in for another shift. This will not only keep your employees close to the end results of their hard work, but will keep employee morale high and, in turn, make your gym a more desirable place to work!

Encourage your staff to practice what they (and you) preach!

It’s no secret that one of the best ways to fight workplace fatigue is to have a healthy workout and nutrition regimen in place. Regular exercise and proper nutrition can help elevate energy levels and keep your employees going. Just as you would tell your members to continue working on their health and fitness through training and nutrition, you should also inspire your employees to take care of themselves in the same regard. Encourage your employees to take a class at your gym (space permitting) or to follow the nutrition plan in your F45 studio. This is a two-pronged approach because your employees will not only feel incredibly recharged and invigorated after training and taking care of their bodies and souls, but it will actually help them reconnect to your mission as a company.

As a boss, it can be challenging to find new ways to motivate, engage, and energize your employees. We hope you to try to find what works best for you and your employees. Whether it’s simply stocking the staff break room with healthy snacks that will keep them going or allowing them to feel valued and appreciated, your staff will thank you for going out of your way to find new ways to re-energize them throughout their day. Fatigue doesn’t have to be a daily occurrence at your gym. Take charge and give your staff the tools they need to succeed with energy and enthusiasm!




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