Inside F45: Something for Everyone

Finding a gym, or community of like minded individuals, that is truly inclusive and welcoming to everyone, regardless of background, can be challenging.

You may feel pressured to fit into a certain group of people or pretend to be someone you are not. When it comes to a gym or fitness studio, it can be extremely difficult to fit into a different group than the one you belong in, especially if it’s centered around how physically fit you are. 

At F45 Training, we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating an environment that welcomes everyone, regardless of how fit they are or what their previous life experiences have been. We do this in two avenues of our business model: ensuring that our members feel comfortable in our studios and supplying our studios with hard working owners and staff members that come from different walks of life as well. Both are equally important when trying to create a positive, inclusive environment. 

Let’s dive deeper into how we accomplish these things. 

For Our Members…

From the moment they step foot into our studios, our members are welcomed with open arms. Our staff ensures that they feel comfortable and welcome in our studio through a number of ways, such as eliminating mirrors from our environment (no room to judge yourself) and having highly skilled trainers on hand to help modify any exercises to fit any sort of fitness level. We let our members know that we operate as a community and a family, and there is no room for judgement or ego, whether that’s someone else judging you or you judging yourself. Our studios are meant to be a place where people can unplug, have fun and get a heart-pumping sweat on for 45-minutes out of their day. 

We pride ourselves on providing this kind of environment that is unlike any other. We are always looking to make you feel good about yourself and empower you to keep working hard to achieve your goals. You will never catch us putting anyone down or allowing someone to talk down upon themselves. 

This effort starts from the inside, with our staff and franchise owners. Let’s explore.

For Our Studio Staff and Franchise Owners…

Perhaps one of the best ways we ensure that our studio environment is inclusive and diverse is by practicing what we preach through our hiring process. From the moment that someone is interested in becoming a franchise owner of an F45 studio, we look for the person who will be a great fit, regardless of their background. 

Our franchise owners come from different walks of life; some are previous personal trainers looking to move up in the industry, others are simply looking for a new opportunity that is unlike anything they have on their resume. Regardless of where they came from, we look hard at where they could go, and more importantly how that fits in with the F45 business model. If you have the drive, the heart and the financial resources to make this a reality, we will work with you to ensure that you are the best fit for an F45 franchise and vice versa. 

Same goes for our studio staff; they have to be the best person for the job, despite their background. We want people who are energetic, upbeat and overall who make the studio experience a positive one. With the exception of a few roles that require specific previous experience, we will always seek to hire the person who fits the environment of the studio best and will make our members feel the most comfortable during their time in the studio. 

The Bottom Line 

When all is said and done, F45 firmly believes that what sets us apart from others in the fitness industry is our approach to fitness and the overall experience we cultivate for our members. We work extremely hard to ensure that our members, staff and franchisees alike are all given the opportunity to be the best version of themselves possible, despite their background or their level of fitness. 

What’s important to us is that people feel comfortable enough to come to F45 Training to get an amazing training experience, to find like minded people to connect with and to simply be themselves. Whether we’re speaking to a prospective new member or a potential franchise owner, our approach is the same: we are in the business of changing lives and we can only achieve that by being the best team we can be.

Are you ready to learn more about the Team Training, Life Changing motto? Reach out to us today! 

Inside F45: Something for Everyone



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