Inspiring Sport. Inspired by Sport.

As leaders in functional fitness and sports science, F45 believes that training shouldn’t just be done for training’s sake. That’s why our Athletics and Peak Performance Department is constantly investigating the latest training concepts and fine-tuning our current workouts, exercises, and training regimens. Our goal is to give our members and franchisees the most benefit and carry-over value into their day-to-day lives. 

It’s also an approach that has made F45 Training the favorite of both casual and professional athletes alike. Even if our members weren’t involved in some type of sport before joining F45, many of them have used their improved strength, fitness, and mobility to try all sorts of challenges and realize a variety of different life goals. From Tough Mudders to triathlons, marathons, or climbing mountains, it’s clear that functional fitness opens up new experiences for our members. 

This unique focus on fitness and its application to the real world means that many of our studio owners are pro-sports athletes across a range of disciplines, such as cricket, rugby, basketball and more. Our connection to athletics is unique to F45 and really sets us apart from our competitors, who often have to pay athletes to act as ambassadors and spokespeople.

One of our athlete franchisees, James Haskell, is a former professional rugby union star. The England international and proud owner of F45 Bath first tried F45 when he was in Sydney. He fell in love instantly. “F45 really complimented my rugby training,” says ‘The Hask’ (as he’s affectionately known by his fans). 

“It’s the kind of stuff I would use to get fit for rugby, and for the majority of people, regular F45 Training sessions are everything they need to maintain and achieve good levels of fitness. I think people are crying out for an accessible, group-based fitness program that isn’t intimidating, and most importantly, delivers amazing results. That is what F45 is all about, and why I am so delighted to be involved.”

He continues, “I think the success of F45 really boils down to one thing…it gives what I call ‘civilians’ a taste of being part of a team, of working hard to achieve together. Forgive me if I’m being rude, but ‘normal’ people just don’t know how to train properly. They think they do, but trust me, they don’t. They pootle along, go for a little trot on the crosstrainer, sit on their phone for five minutes – all the time wearing their little fitness tracker that says, “good job mate, you’re burning calories!” But, the truth is, they don’t understand the methodology behind what they’re doing or what they need to do to get better. I’d say there’s something quite bestial about training hard as a group. That’s why rugby teams have such a strong bond, because you go to hell together and, with a contact sport, you go to war together. In F45 Training, there’ll be times when you physically can’t do one more burpee, but the guy next to you will say, “come on mate,” and it’ll get you round.” 

Haskell’s enthusiasm is reflected across all of our members, staff, and franchisees and is a big reason for F45’s international success. Our training inspires athleticism in everyone and is one of the best forms of cross-training in the market. As sport continues to evolve and innovate, so will F45. No matter your level of fitness, we’ll bring out the inner athlete in you!

Inspiring Sport. Inspired by Sport.



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