Introducing: F45 Training Miramar Base MCAS

F45 Training has proudly put together a military division that aims to provide service members and veterans with new career opportunities within the F45 Family.

VIP45’s (F45’s Veterans Impact Program) mission is simple: provide active duty and veteran service members, who have a passion for fitness and helping others, with the:

  • -training
  • -resources, and
  • -support they need to be considered for a career w/F45

These various opportunities give veterans and service members the ability to channel their previous military experience into a new career path that they will enjoy and thrive in. Our various options allow the F45 family to work together with the veterans and service members and welcome them with open arms into a network of like minded individuals.

Additionally, our team, composed of veterans who are dedicated to helping fellow veterans or service members, also has a clear cut vision when it comes to executing the VIP45 program: to provide service members and the military community access to F45 Training both on and off military installations around the world.


Since its inception in 2019, VIP45 has been pushing the envelope when it comes to establishing a presence in the military community. Since day one, the team sought out to create a program that was unlike anything else that has been done in the fitness industry.

On June 11, 2021 the F45 Training and VIP45 accomplished that goal by opening a one-of-a-kind studio on the Miramar Base MCAS. This concept has never been accomplished in the fitness industry and opens a new door with plenty of opportunities. The F45 studio was placed on the Miramar Base in hopes to provide its members with a new way of training, while introducing them to the F45 concept and family.

Mark Wahlberg, an F45 Training investor, when discussing the Miramar Base studio stated:

“We are honoured to be able to open up a gym on a military base and have them be as excited and enthusiastic about it; it’s incredible,” said Mark Wahlberg. 

“When we talked to all four branches of the military about the F45 opportunity, and when they actually saw the concept, they were thrilled. 

“It felt like it met all the criteria and then some. And it would elevate all their servicemen and women, their spouses and their family members’ fitness. 

“And then we will hopefully be opening gyms and finding great partners and franchisees from former military people. 

“Hopefully we will continue to grow the relationship and the goal is to have an F45 studio in every single military installation all over the world.”

F45 is extremely proud of the opportunities we have built for service members and veterans thus far, but we know that the work does not stop here. We are dedicated to continuing to forge forward and create a path within the fitness industry for service members and veterans. We take great pride in what our VIP45 program is aiming to do and we are actively seeking out new opportunities to continue that mission.


If you would like to learn more   about the VIP45 program and the various career opportunities that we have to offer, please reach out to us at your earliest convenience! A member of our team would be happy to walk you through the options, as well as how we can potentially best align ourselves to make your personal and professional goals a reality.



This could be a life changing opportunity.


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