As with all other businesses, the people you employ can make or break your business. The success of your gym will be determined by the level of service your clients receive, so your staff selection is extremely important.

Since the day-to-day business of running a gym is so time-consuming, recruitment practices and the hiring process may not be properly prioritized. Whether it’s hiring a personal trainer or a receptionist, here are 5 best practices to help you hire the best team for your gym.

1. Create a good job description

This is the first step you must take when you are hiring an employee for your gym. Several job descriptions are overly fixated on detailed academic requirements and the experience and skills necessary for the role. They often forget to highlight the main responsibilities of the job, which can result in the hiring of a person who is not suitable for the role. You need to explain exactly what the job will entail in order to set accurate expectations. Ensure that you identify goals that need to be achieved by the future employee in the job description, keeping in mind that they should be realistic.

2.  Focus on people skills

According to Hireology, while your focus should be on candidates who have the basic skills required for the job (like knowing the latest fitness training trends or sales strategies), it’s important to concentrate on people skills too. Remember that everyone who works at a gym plays a customer service role, whether it’s the trainer or the receptionist.

3.  Give them a test

Once you think you have found the best candidates for the job, don’t be afraid to ask them to complete a test. For example, you could ask a fitness instructor to lead a mock class in order to observe his or her style. For a candidate who would like to be an ambassador of your gym franchise, it’s better to observe his or her potential during the interview stage instead of waiting until the hiring process has concluded.

4.  Authenticate all information given by candidates

Verification is one of the most important steps in the recruitment process. A CareerBuilder survey revealed that more than 50% of employers have discovered a lie on a resume. It’s crucial to ensure the information you received from your candidates during the screening process is valid. If you have to pay for background checks to to verify employment records and certifications, do so. This is a necessity in the fitness and wellness industry, “where employees are not only working with members’ billing details, but may also be placing them in physical danger if they’re embellishing certifications or education background,” says Hireology.

5.  The “Culture Fit” aspect

Avoid the mistake of putting more value in culture fit than in job fit. What fosters a great company culture is a team of great individuals. Therefore, to build your desired company culture, you need to hire great candidates who will make an amazing team of workers. Culture fit is very important, but you should only select candidates based on the culture fit factor once you have already tested their ability to deliver on performance objectives. 

To ensure you’re on the right track with your hiring process, you can also do some research on how other successful fitness franchises hire their staff. It’s important to invest in the right staff for your gym as this will have a huge influence on client retention!