Is F45 Franchise's Cost Expensive or Underpriced?

Costs are often the first and biggest question that potential members have when looking for a new gym. This isn’t a surprise to F45–we understand that today’s high cost of living causes many to consider the price of services seriously. We often get questions about pricing, many of them aimed at understanding whether F45 gym costs is expensive or not.

You may be wondering how this may affect you as a potential franchisee. The truth is that if memberships are not priced well, franchisees may not see as many members coming through their doors as they had hoped, which could lead to a negative return on investment. Luckily, we have the answers to this common question and additional information on why F45 memberships are priced the way they are.

Your ROI with F45 

According to our very own Luke Armstrong, F45 Global Sales Director, F45 is serious about its services and building a long-lasting relationship between the brand and its members. While prices might appear high at first glance, members get the benefits of a professional training program and the help of experienced session leaders. The combination of our training style with superior customer experience makes the price worthwhile.

Members can attend an unlimited amount of F45 sessions per week, with all the benefits of a personal training session at a significantly lower cost. In our experience, discount gyms don’t end up providing value to the customer, as their focus is on getting as many people through the doors as possible. This strategy tends to attract customers who aren’t serious about their fitness or the value that the gym can provide, but rather those hoping for a quick and cheap fix to increasing their fitness levels.

This strategy leads to a high customer turnover rate, and these gyms end up spending their time trying to find customers to replace those who leave instead of focusing on the service they provide. This is not what we want for our franchisees or their members. While F45 members may pay more for an F45 membership, they get far more for their money. We target a smaller group of customers who care more about the quality of their exercise regime, and who want to make an investment in getting results. Cost should never be ignored, and we aim to provide a superior service worthy of its price tag.

What It Means For you As A Franchesee

This doesn’t necessarily mean that fees are standard across the board. Different franchises have different fees based on location. We know that customers in different areas have different income brackets, costs associated with their living expenses, and levels of what they can afford or deem reasonable. As long as the price of a membership in a location matches up with the value a member of that community is getting, then we feel it has been priced well.

In essence, we don’t think you can compare F45 prices to other gym membership fees in terms of being either expensive or underpriced. Our fees are based on the relevant market of a specific franchise. Our fees are basically a sign to the serious customer of the value they will get of the membership.

You may be wondering what happens to the pricing of franchises that are relatively close together. These prices will either be the same, or at least very similar. We don’t want members to feel that they have to drive an extra fifteen or twenty minutes to an F45 franchise a little further away from them just because the fees are cheaper. Our aim is not to attract people over cheaper prices, but rather offer a superior experience, no matter which studio they decide to attend.

Bottom Line

To answer the initial question, the price of an F45 franchise cost cannot be categorized either way. Our prices are calculated on a case-by-case basis but always include the understanding that members will receive a workout like no other. We want to build long-standing relationships with our members and help them reach their personal fitness goals, both short and long-term. We don’t offer quick fixes, and this strategy attracts those who are committed to sticking it out for the long run. This builds not only great relationships, but also solid franchises whose owners and members are aligned with the same goals.

Is F45 Expensive or Underpriced?



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