Is Owning an F45 Franchise for You?


Fitness is one the world’s most expansive industries, with a wide array of health and athletic brands operating countless franchises around the world. It’s a multifaceted and competitive commercial environment in which new trends continue to emerge, some of them proving immensely successful, and others fading out of public consciousness in a short period of time.

If you possess a passion for health and fitness and see yourself working in the industry, it’s crucial to invest your time in a business that’s well-established, scalable, and in touch with current trends. F45 is a notable example of this kind of business, given its innovative, varied and impactful services, as well as its dedication to helping gym-goers achieve their goals on a day-to-day basis. If this is what you’re about, then it’s time you considered investing in an F45 franchise.

Since its founding in 2012, F45 has expanded on an international scale and now operates more than 1,300 franchises in over 36 countries. F45’s success can be attributed to its simple incorporation of three types of training into 31 unique workout experiences. F45 members benefit from the rigor and constant variation of both high-intensity interval training and circuit training, as well as the practicality of functional training. The usefulness of F45 rests in its adaptability to daily life, as the body is strengthened to make everyday tasks which once seemed difficult (like climbing a high staircase or lifting heavy boxes) feel more manageable.

F45’s expertly-crafted workout experiences form the basis of its 45-minute sessions, and the variety of available exercises means that no two sessions will ever be identical. Members will be challenged every day to ensure they won’t reach a plateau stage in their exercise regimes.

But F45’s innovation doesn’t end with the structure of its exercise sessions. The brand has also capitalized on the prevalence of technology within the fitness industry, especially wearables. F45 offers members their own Lionheart monitors, on which they can track their heart rate and calories burned during class.

The brand has also gone a few steps further by equipping its studios with LCD screens that display the daily exercises. With several TVs in plain sight, members can be at ease knowing they are performing the correct exercises. They can also use the screens to read the statistics that have been picked up by their Lionheart monitors.

It’s not just exercise that matters to F45. F45 has created its own program, the F45 Challenge, dedicated to nutrition, progress tracking and community. The program runs for eight weeks, and must be followed alongside regular session attendance for optimal fitness. There’s a digital component to the F45 Challenge as well, which comes in the form of an app that helps you track your progress. In fact, F45 has several mobile applications, including a general one for all members and another that corresponds to the brand’s own fitness competition, F45 Playoffs. Simply put, F45 is with you every step of the way, in any area of your life where you’d like to achieve optimal health and fitness.

As with any industry, when you enter the world of fitness, you need to be both passionate and well-informed about the subject at hand. You should know about health and exercise and be up to speed on the latest trends. If you want to own a fitness franchise, then you need to combine all of that knowledge  with substantial business experience and strong leadership skills. Most importantly, if you want to be in a commercial environment that cares about people’s fitness and general well-being as much as you do, then F45 is right company in which to invest.

Is Owning an F45 Franchise for You?



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