IS the Fitness Industry The Right Career Move?

If you’re considering owning a fitness franchise and making a permanent career move into the industry, there are a few points to consider to check if it’s the right career move for you. You might feel ready and be in the market for a big career change, say from finance to fitness, but are you up for what the industry requires from you?

Before you go any further, you need to be at a stage where you are interested in and actively pursuing your own health and wellness. If you aren’t in it for yourself, consider how you’ll be able to spend a significant portion of your time working on encouraging others to get fit and active. Once you’re sure you are in to live, breathe and sleep fitness, consider the following aspects of the industry to determine if it is the right career choice for you.

Helping others

The industry is about encouraging, motivating and ultimately helping others to get fit. According to the U.S. Physical Activity Study, 82.4 million Americans are inactive, and if this statistic makes you want to get out there and encourage others to hop onto the exercise train, consider this a step in the right direction. Furthermore, if you already enjoy, or even thrive, on assisting others with achieving their goals, you’ll probably be suited to joining an industry that helps others. While you may not be physically training your members, you will be in an industry that serves others in a number of ways. Whether it’s losing weight, toning up, building muscle, or just the fun of getting active, your members will have different goals and you must want to be a part of that journey.

Unconventional Hours

The fitness industry requires unconventional working hours. Some days can start before 5:00am while others run late into the evening. If you are up for the challenge of early morning and some late nights in exchange for sitting behind a desk this might be the right move.



When you purchase a franchise, every day can look different. A franchise owner must be able to build and lead a team, interview candidates, sell memberships, nurture existing members and execute marketing all while setting up your franchise and ensuring that no balls get dropped. Fortunately, there are a number of apps available to help busy people structure their days, and get the most out their time. 

Focused on Trends

While the franchise you purchase might a have a particular focus, such as the high intensity interval training (HIIT) at F45, there are bound to be new exercises to incorporate, new equipment to try out and new platforms to reach your members. If you’re always on top of new trends, take pleasure in learning new techniques and testing out new technologies to provide a top notch service, the fitness industry can offer the chance to do just that. If you’re always up to welcoming new ideas, quick to adapt to an ever-changing environment, and enjoy the innovation that comes with modern technology, then the fitness industry is up your alley.

Moving into the fitness industry is more than just buying a franchise and employing personal trainers to do the work. You have to be invested in the lifestyle and providing the service, be able to work around unconventional hours and an unpredictable schedule, as well as being constantly aware of what’s new in the industry. If these things peak your interest and fill you with a sense of excitement and motivation, then a move into fitness could be for you.

IS the Fitness Industry The Right Career Move?



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