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Launching an F45 Studio with Your Friends or Family!

You know what’s cooler than finding something you’re truly passionate about wanting to turn it into a business? Well, finding someone else with the same passions and business dreams as you! It can take a while to really determine what tickles your fancy career-wise, and if you’re an entrepreneur, this means finding the perfect business opportunity that won’t feel like you’re going to work every day. Starting a business is one of the most fulfilling things you can do in your life. It’s challenging, it’s rewarding, and you learn a lot about yourself and your business partner.

A massive chunk of our franchisee network launch F45 studios with their family and friends, and we kind of expected this, as we live and breathe the community, family vibe! The brand is built on community so it’s typical for most studio owners to be made up of a friend of family relationship, or with someone they’ve know closely before F45. The cool thing about joining forces with family or friends is that you have already have that relationship solidified and that creates stability.

Although there will be hurdles and challenges along the way, having someone you’re already close with who is also operating the business can make all the difference. They will keep you motivated, supported and you can remind each other why you are doing what you are doing. Its inevitable that people have their ups and downs, but if you have someone you trust by your side will make it a better experience. We find that opening a studio with someone you are close with, whether that be with family or friends, really reflects greatly on your staff and members. It enhances your studios feel and atmosphere and we find that studio owners tend to treat their staff like family too, which makes the vibe inside the studio warm and inviting. We find that people that go into business with friends or family can see the business going long-term as they are investing in a future together.

We spoke to two different studio owners who have gone into business with their family and friends. Let’s see what they have to say about it!

“I went into business with my wife, our kids and their spouses!”- Jay LaGuardia, Studio Owner of F45 East Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA.

“I’ve been an entrepreneur my entire life. I have many different types of businesses and we always talked as family in doing something together. Something that we see as a core value as a family is fitness, so naturally it made sense to find something in fitness! We’ve been doing hit workouts for 10 to 12 years together as a family, like, even when we are vacation, we do workouts together. A buddy of mine had told me about F45 and said ‘hey, have you heard about this new facility’ and I googled it on a Friday night, and next thing you know, I had purchased our location on the following Monday! It’s my two daughters, their spouses and my wife. We all have a role in it and our initial goal was to have 3 studios by the end of 2 years. First of all, family businesses aren’t the easiest things in the world, the real distinction you have to make is who plays what roles, so you don’t step on each other’s toes. Be open to communication and don’t bring work to home and to family life. If you follow those rules, you could be extremely successful. F45 is a family business and its awesome to be able to work with your kids!” –

“My husband and I decided to start a business together!” – Annalies Van De Walle, Studio Owner of F45 Brussels Central Station, Brussels, Belgium

“Always say YES to your wife [ha-ha]- no, what’s important is that you’re both passionate about it. So, it’s important that you both want to do this, not like one person is forcing the other to do it, because that’s not the best way. So, for us, we both love it, we are both willing to put in the work. You need to divide the tasks so it’s clear who is responsible for each task. Like for me, I’m doing sales and memberships and he (Husband, Evalistus) is the head trainer. This way you have accountability for all the tasks. At the beginning we learnt that it’s important to do this, and I just want to say it’s important to have fun every day”-

From all the studios we’ve spoken to about going into business with close ones, here’s some key takeaways:

COMMUNICATE: Well, this might in fact be one of the most important factors when starting a business with anyone, and especially with someone close to you- communication! In order for your partnership to work, both of you must feel comfortable in talking opening with each other and voicing your opinions. Inevitably there will be ups and downs, although having an open ear, being compassionate and being able to communicate with your business partner can make all the difference.

CREATE GOALS: The key to a pleasant working relationship with anyone you go into business with is to ensure that everyone understands what is trying to be achieved, and how your intent to meet that goal. Make sure that you discuss this at the start, as you and your partner must share the same core values, goals and work ethic if you want the business to succeed. List out each of your expectations within the business and how you can overcome this.

SET BOUNDARIES: Successful business owners know that setting boundaries from the start is super important and making sure this is consistent day in, day out. Even though you are in business with your friend or family, it’s important to keep business and family/ friend lift separate.

ESTABLISH CLEAR RULES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: This one is also at the top of the list and refers to determining the roles and responsibilities of each person in the business. Determining each partner’s job titles and duties helps rule out disputes, and lets each party do their job and focus on their strengths. It also gives staff and members a clear indication on who is handling what e.g., one person is perhaps front of house and takes care of head trainers, while the other person is more back office and takes care of sales. Not having a clear outlook on each person’s role and responsibilities will create a lack of structure. Determining what each person is good at and likes doing will build a solid foundation and there won’t be any confusion with each person’s duties.

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