Leveling Up: A Checklist for Personal Trainers Transitioning into Gym Ownership

If you are a personal trainer, you likely know about the everyday grind of trying to make a name for yourself in the business. Personal trainers are some of the most hardworking individuals, as they constantly hustle to make sure their clients are satisfied and that they are doing everything they can to change lives every day.

But what happens when personal training is no longer the best thing for you? What if you want to ‘level up’ and take on a new challenge? Do you have what it takes? 

We’ve put together this short checklist of things to consider when you feel ready to take the next step towards leveling up and becoming a gym or studio owner.

– Do you still have a passion for the industry? Are you looking to get out of personal training because you no longer love fitness, or are you just looking to propel yourself forward in your career? Although we can’t speak for everyone, we can assume that the latter will be more successful in the transition between PT and gym owner, as passion is always a plus. 

– You have to be ready to be the boss and take on all of the responsibilities that come along with it. Sure, you can hire people to help you out with certain things, but you are going to be essentially the highest on the food chain if you open your own business. Are you ready for that responsibility? 

– You will have to learn new skillsets that expand beyond your personal training knowledge, such as business marketing and accounting. Does learning new things excite you or scare you? Even if it does scare you a little bit (which is completely normal, we might add!), if it gives you any sort of excitement, you may be ready. 

– You want to be the big picture person, while still having a touch on the fitness aspect of things. Depending on what type of gym or studio you open, you will likely want to have some sort of relationship with the end product of your business, such as the workouts or the members. Are you prepared to step back and handle the big picture things (such as marketing, budgets, membership, etc.) while overseeing the training aspect as well? It may be a transition at first to let go of being quite so hands-on, but just know that you are always able to be there for your trainers and members as a resource, your skillset will just expand a bit more.

– You feel financially confident and ready for this next step. Everyone has a comfort level with their finances where they feel as though they are prepared to take a big step, such as opening a new business or making a large purchase. Are you in that position? If not, how much more do you have to go until you are? 

– Simply put, you just have to want it. As we mentioned, personal trainers are some of the hardest-working people we know and there is no doubt in our mind that when a PT has a goal in mind, he or she will work hard to achieve it. Becoming a business owner and a studio owner is an exciting step towards the career of your dreams, but you just have to want it badly enough. You can learn the other things over time and acquire amazing management skills, but your drive and your desire to move to the next level has to propel you forward first and foremost. 

So, allow us to leave you with one final question. 

If you are a personal trainer, are you setting yourself up for long-term success once your days as a PT are over? 

If the answer is no, or you simply want to explore your options to become a studio owner, reach out to us today. Here at F45, we would love to help you make your dreams come true. Simply inquire today and a member of our team will reach out to you to discuss your next steps towards turning your personal training experience into an exciting new opportunity.

Leveling Up: A Checklist for Personal Trainers Transitioning into Gym Ownership



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