Maximize Profit Without Increasing Studio Capacity

Fitness studios across the world are facing a new set of challenges due to new restrictions and local regulations that put a cap on how many people can be in their space at one time. Instead of cowering in fear and allowing these new restrictions to determine their fate, some fitness studios are taking advantage of these new protocols and using them as an opportunity to maximize their profits, while staying compliant to studio capacity regulations.

Here’s how F45 Training has turned studio limitations into an opportunity for operating profits: 

Complying by all local regulations with physical distancing and increased sanitary precautions.

For the F45 studios that are able to operate in their physical studio location, they are welcoming their members back with enthusiastic ‘air high-fives’! F45 Training has taken safety and cleanliness very seriously prior to the global pandemic, but now sanitary precautions are at an all-time high.

F45 studios and their owners are required to follow all state laws, including, but not limited to:

– Members and/or trainers wearing face masks or face shields
– Members and/or trainers wearing gloves
– Members and/or trainers increasing the time in between sessions or sets to sanitize equipment thoroughly
– Members and/or trainers staying within their allotted personal space throughout the duration of the class
– Members only touching their allocated equipment throughout the class and thoroughly sanitizing and cleaning it prior to leaving the space 

F45 studios have seen a resounding positive response to the increased sanitary precautions from their members. F45’ers everywhere understand that in order to get back into the studio and crush the workout they want and need, they have to abide by these rules—and embrace them!

No studio space? No problem! F45 workouts are just as heart-pumping outside!

Some F45 studios, in compliance with local regulations, are unable to welcome their members back into the studio for the foreseeable future. While this may be seen as a bummer to some, F45 is embracing it and welcoming members back to their new studio space: the great outdoors!

Depending on the proximity to their physical location in which the studio has selected their outdoor space, equipment may be moved outside to give members the same great F45 signature workouts, just outside! Members will still have to physically distance themselves from one another, keeping roughly 6 feet of distance between them and their fellow gym-goers, but they will have the chance to get the same electrifying workout that they would’ve gotten in the studio.

For those studios that do not have a space close enough to bring equipment to their makeshift outdoor space, bodyweight workouts have been equally heart-pumping! Members have the opportunity to pay to take advantage of the F45 bodyweight workouts designed to maintain and achieve physical performance & appearance. These workouts may utilize the agility ladders or lightweight equipment that can travel easily and members are still able to get results and torch calories without lifting a single weight!

Virtual training has never been easier with F45 on-demand and F45 Live. 

One of the best aspects of having a growth mindset is realizing that you don’t have to be pigeonholed into one aspect of success. F45 franchise owners are given multiple options to maximize their studio profits and encouraged to utilize as many of them as possible.

F45 has leaned into the concept of virtual training after seeing an increased need and demand for it. Whether members are unable to come into the studio due to local regulations or simply are too busy to make the traditional class times, virtual training offers a way to stay in shape, from the comfort of their own home.

F45 Live is a platform where members can log into Zoom and take a class, in real time, led by one of F45’s trainers. The participants of the workouts are given a full F45 workout that can be done in any given space! This allows the studio to not only continue to deliver content to its members, but potentially reach a host of additional people that live outside of their local area, due to the fact it is all virtual training. This is yet another way that F45 emphasizes thinking outside the box in order to maximize profits. Studios are no longer kept within the parameters of their local community or weighed down by members’ commutes, so they can simply deliver great workouts virtually and continue to make money while doing so. 

F45 on-demand, through the F45 Challenge App, gives studios the ability to deliver a variety of workouts to their paying customers, despite not being able to physically use the studio. The workouts are divided into three categories: bodyweight, weighted and recovery, which is up to the user to choose from. Each session is an F45 workout that is geared towards people who are working out from their living room, backyard, park or bedroom! F45 on-demand meets the needs of both the consumer and the studio owner by giving them access to a platform that will meet their needs as a paying studio member.

The Bottom Line

Profits do not have to subside just because studios are at limited capacity or have little to no access to their studio space. What may seem like a setback at first is actually a beautiful opportunity to not only maximize profits, but grow brand awareness and gain operating profits.

Thinking outside of the box has helped F45 studio owners maintain, or even exceed, their profit margins during some of the most chaotic times in recent history. F45 franchisees do not cower in fear from a minor setback, but rather relish in the opportunity to create something great—something that will bring people together when they need it the most. 



This could be a life changing opportunity.


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