Morning Routines to Boost Your Productivity

As an entrepreneur, you likely are always looking for ways to improve your productivity and chances of success. It’s only natural to want to do everything possible to ensure that you are being the best version of yourself possible, especially when your business & livelihood depend on it.

It’s believed that productivity is heavily dependent on and influenced by the first couple of things that you do in the morning. In other words, your morning routine has a large impact on the quality of your day! While it may seem like overkill at first to have a set morning routine, we believe that it can actually set successful business owners and entrepreneurs apart from the competition. 

Here are five ways to boost your business’ productivity by leveling up your morning routine.

1. Set an alarm with intention. There are a lot of people out there that believe the most productive and successful individuals make sure to get up at a certain time that will help maximize their morning routines. For example, if a business owner has to be out of the house by 7:30am, he or she may choose to set an alarm for 5am to ensure there is enough time to achieve his or her morning goals. 

2. To-do lists are your friend and should be utilized often! Whether you choose to write down your to do’s in the morning or the night before, we suggest taking a few minutes to jot down everything that you need to (or want to) accomplish that day. Not only will this allow you to put pen to paper when it comes to your ideas, but it will keep you organized and on schedule throughout the day. 

3. Wait to check your phone, unless it is an emergency. Some entrepreneurs suggest waiting to pick up your cell phone until your morning routine is complete. Whether it’s giving yourself 30 minutes without screen time or a few hours without the distraction of your cell, try focusing on YOU and your needs in the morning, rather than the outside world of social media, emails, texts, etc. 

4. Nutrition matters, and it starts when you wake up. Whether you prefer to take time to enjoy a home-cooked, nutritious breakfast or a cup of tea or coffee (if breakfast isn’t your thing), we encourage you to fuel your body from the second you wake up. This also means drinking your water! This will set you up for success throughout the day when you start off on a good note.

5. Get your mind and body right through exercise and/or meditation. This is based on personal preference, but there may be a huge benefit to exercising or meditating in the morning. By setting aside time to accomplish these goals, you are giving your body, mind, and soul the respect they deserve by taking care of yourself. Whether you attend an F45 class first thing in the morning, go for a walk with your dog, or simply take 20 minutes to meditate, find your thing and stick to it! 

It’s important to remember that a successful morning routine is the one that works for YOU personally. Whether it’s by laying out your clothes the previous night, spending time with your roommates and/or family in the morning, or simply ensuring you get your full 8 hours of sleep, find what works for YOU. If you start your day off on the right foot, you will be a much happier, more productive, and fulfilled individual and business owner. 

You wouldn’t fill up a sports car with the cheapest gas and expect it to perform at a premium level, would you? Think of your morning routine as your fuel, and you deserve the best. We hope that this helps you become the business owner and entrepreneur that you have always wanted to be! 

Morning Routines to Boost Your Productivity



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