Overcoming Franchise Challenges

 Just like any business, running a franchise comes with its own challenges and obstacles. Some of these are true for most franchises, but you’ll find some unique to both your specific franchise and the F45 business. In this article, we’ll take a look at the opportunities that these challenges offer and how best to realize them as your business grows.

It’s all about people.

Being able to change lives means having the right people to do it. After all, the business of fitness is about people, not just our members and athletes. Making sure that you have the right people working in your franchise is imperative, especially in the early days when you’re trying to build a strong culture. The right people will help attract more people like them, thus massively increasing the amount of word of mouth you generate.

When looking for staff for your franchise, make sure that you don’t only look at qualifications–choose people who you know you can work well with and who will add long-term value to your studio’s community. If you can find people who are passionate about your franchise and the F45 brand, you will often be able to help them upskill (making them more likely to stay) as they work.

It’s important to attract the right people.

Don’t underestimate the importance of how you position your franchise in your local market–it’s key in drawing the right talent to your studio. The best people want to work for the best businesses, and by actively working on your franchise’s profile and consistently talking about what makes F45 amazing, you will attract skilled and motivated people.

Once you’ve found great staff, keeping them is the next focus. Often, the tricky thing about good employees is that they enjoy being challenged and if they feel like they aren’t learning, they might decide to move on. It’s about more than just titles and a little extra money–helping these people grow in your business and in their own capacity is a much better way to keep them motivated and happy. Rewarding top performers with extra skills training or the opportunity to try their hand at another aspect of the business will keep them on their toes and advancing in their career. An investment in top talent is an investment in your business.

Find your feet as a franchisee.

Being an F45 franchisee doesn’t just mean that F45 will always support you with the latest technology, cutting-edge programming and a constant stream of marketing support. It also means understanding the role you play, not only in making your business a success but also growing the F45 brand. Here are some pointers to help you be the best franchisee you can be:

We need to hear from you.

As we look to continually improve the F45 model and give you what you need to succeed, it’s vital that communication flows both ways. F45 HQ tells you about the latest news and innovations, and you tell HQ what is and isn’t working for you, any obstacles that might arise and, of course, any ways in which you think F45 could be doing things better.

Because you’re the closest person to your business, you’ll be the first one to notice opportunities and issues. Your feedback will not only help us help you, but also to proactively deal with similar issues that might be relevant to other franchisees.

Get used to wearing different hats.

As an F45 franchisee, you’ll need to have an understanding of all the working parts of your business and play different roles from time to time. You might need to be leading sales one day, and coaching on the studio floor the next. Taking an active part in each aspect of your business will mean that you’ll have a better idea of where opportunities lie, as well as ensure that you lead by example.

Do it well and do it every day.

The most important part of your role as a franchisee is guaranteeing a consistent brand experience at each of your business’ touchpoints. F45 is the world’s fastest-growing fitness network for a reason–every single aspect of our business, from the workouts to social content and online tools, has been created and optimized to give your business every advantage possible.

By ensuring that you always portray the F45 brand properly and follow our guidelines and standards correctly, you will get the most out of the tried, tested and trusted F45 franchise system. Apart from branding, tone, and programming, some other things you can do to ensure a consistent, high-quality brand experience are: make sure that all of your staff are properly trained and informed, sufficiently staff your studio, and only offer products and services in the F45 suite.

We’re doing everything we can from our side.

The F45 franchise system is evolving, especially as F45 continues to set the global standard for fitness. We’ll continue to offer you cutting-edge training and workout systems, the best technology out there, and a wealth of messaging and collateral to make sure that your business stands out from the crowd.

Our constant employee training, online resources, and marketing material guarantee that you’ll be able to stay at the top of your game and give your business every possible advantage. It’s going to be an amazing ride!

Overcoming Franchise Challenges



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