Pay Attention to How Companies Are Treating You Right Now

Now more than ever, people are focusing on relationships and ways in which we can continue to foster healthy and meaningful connections. It is important to have a support system that will allow you to thrive, especially during such a chaotic and anxiety-ridden time. Although personal relationships are the most important type to focus on, it is also imperative that you also pay close attention to other types of relationships.

So, what types of relationships are we referring to? Well, for starters, how about the people that you have invested money in? Or, perhaps, the people behind the brands that you have stayed loyal to over the years? You may not have thought of them as a relationship, but you should start to look at them as integral people in your life, because they are! 

During this pandemic, it is increasingly important to pay attention to how companies approach you, treat you and speak to you. Why should you pay attention to this? It’s simple—the way they respond to you or approach you in the hardest of times shows who they really are and what they stand for as a company. 

Simply put, if a company is cold calling you multiple times a day and asking you to buy something without even asking how you are doing, that shows you that they are only after one thing: your money. Sure, we are all hurting for business during this time and would love to sell our products or services, but at what cost? Can they not slow down for five minutes and ask you how you are doing? Should they skip the pleasantries and get right into their sales pitch in order to sell their products and keep their company afloat? 

When it comes down to it, we are all human. On one hand, you have to remember that they are human and bound to make mistakes. Did they come off a little too aggressive in their approach? It may have been nerves or simply the pressure they are feeling from their boss to continue to hit quota and bring revenue into the company. It could have been a simple mistake that they may reflect upon when they hang up. They are human, too, they will make mistakes; it is okay for them to make one or two along the way. 

However, if your contacts forget that you have feelings and you are not just a number, there is a problem. Business is business, but each client or customer deserves to be treated like the individual he or she is. During this COVID-19 pandemic, anxiety and stress is at an all-time high. Everyone is so focused on making ends meet, keeping stress levels down, and staying healthy, that we may forget about pleasantries along the way. Taking a moment to slow down and ask how someone is doing actually takes some thought, especially when small talk is not as common right now.

Companies should be approaching you with dignity, class, empathy and positivity. When you pick up the phone or email with a company, you should feel like you matter to them as a person, rather than just a number or someone with money to give. Here’s a way to determine if companies value you during this time. 

Do they…

      • – Rush into conversation about their products or services, without asking how you are doing? 
      • – Forget your name or even call you by the wrong name? 
      • – Act rude or frustrated if you object to their sales pitch or product? 
      • – Constantly call you or text you with an aggressive sales approach, despite you asking them not to?

        If they do these things, you may want to reconsider them as a business connection. 

However, the following may be a sign that they really do care about both you as a person and your business.

  • – Set aside a few minutes to ask you how you are doing, how your loved ones are doing and if there’s anything they can do for you. 
  • – They respect your wishes to either call you less or to put off the conversations until you feel more comfortable to proceed. 
  • – They don’t get upset or angry if you reject them, but rather encourage you to reach out should you need anything. 
  • – They send you information that is beneficial to you, even if it doesn’t have anything to do with them making a sale from you.
  • During this pandemic, it is important to give ourselves (and others) grace and the benefit of the doubt. Humans are vulnerable, and now more than ever, we are feeling the effects of our vulnerability. However, you should know your worth and when you should be treated with respect. Now is the time to reevaluate any relationships (professional or personal) that may not give you the respect you deserve.
  • That is why F45 Training has taken it upon ourselves to ensure that each person that comes in contact with our team members feels heard, appreciated and valued during this time. Our team has always made the effort to ensure that our clients, customers and franchise owners know that they are a part of our family. F45 truly cares about all of our clients and franchisees, and will continue to treat them with respect during this time.
  • It is F45’s goal to support all franchise owners, clients and potential franchise owners by offering a support system that will be there to simply listen to them during this chaotic and hectic time. Not only will we listen, but we will be there to offer our help and any solutions to maintain financial stability, mental and physical health, and the community that F45 has worked hard to build. Business is far from usual these days, but together, we will continue to deliver at-home workouts to people when they need them the most. 

Stay safe. Be well. 

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Pay Attention to How Companies Are Treating You Right Now



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