People Love Group Fitness: Here’s Why

Motivation. Accountability. Safety. Camaraderie. 

These words could all be used to describe the group fitness movement that has swept the fitness industry. According to NBC News, working out in a group can actually be more beneficial than working out siloed or completely alone.

  • Here are a few reasons why people may actually stick to a workout routine when they engage in group fitness:
  • Motivation can skyrocket due to the increased positive energy. People are more likely to return to their gym or studio when they have the opportunity to feed off of the positivity of other people. Not only do gym-goers push themselves more once they are in the presence of their fellow members, but they may be more motivated to continue coming back to their gym.
  • Speaking of coming back more often, gym-goers may thrive off of the accountability. According to Reader’s Digest California, when it comes to group fitness and maintaining an exercise routine, peer pressure is actually a good thing! When signing up for classes or becoming part of a group fitness community, people feel like they have a support system around them that is counting on them to be there, therefore making it harder for them to back out. They have to hold themselves accountable because others are keeping them accountable as well.
  • Group fitness at reputable studios will have personal trainers available, meaning safety is always a priority. When people surrender to the trend of group fitness, they will likely find themselves at a reputable studio that promotes group exercise classes. Studios that conduct group fitness classes will likely have a certified personal trainer on hand that will guide the group through the exercises, ensuring that they are as safe as possible while they work out. This prevents injury and promotes a healthier range of motion and bone/joint health.
  • Group fitness promotes a sense of belonging, camaraderie and community among gym-goers. When members of a gym start to get into a routine and develop a sense of belonging at their fitness studio, they may also start to feel as though they are a part of a community and as though they have made new friends that share in their same beliefs. While not all gym members will seek companionship with their gym friends outside of the studio, some might feel strongly that they have found a missing piece from their life. Beyond the general bond they will feel with their gym and their fellow members, they will also feel a sense of pride to belong to the studio, which will make them a ‘walking referral’ who will promote brand loyalty over time.

    When it comes to building a potential fitness empire, it is important to pay attention to the trends within the industry, and more importantly, understand why people are drawn to that trend. Group fitness is an aspect of the fitness industry that has proven there is power in numbers and that a community truly does make a difference.

Decent gyms and fitness studios will jump onto a trend once it has already caught on, but the best in the business will create a trend and be one of the pioneers in the industry. F45 Training has established itself as a global brand and one of the fastest growing fitness franchises in the world, focusing on group fitness with 45-minute HIIT classes. Learn more about owning your own studio by inquiring today.



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