Physical Distancing While Social Strengthening

As you are well aware, countries across the world have asked their citizens and residents to practice social and physical distancing in order to slow the spread of COVID-19. This may look different for different parts of the world, but most places are asking people not to socialize with individuals outside of their immediate household. 

While this is lonely, it is also necessary. In the few weeks that people have been practicing social distancing, there is evidence that it is working. Social distancing has come in between graduations, celebrations and family gatherings. It has become the one thing, besides COVID-19, that is simultaneously affecting millions of people’s lives. 

But, what if we told you that social distancing doesn’t have to ruin your social life, and it may actually be a blessing in disguise? That’s right, you heard us! By simply flipping the switch on how you think about this pandemic, you may find a really great opportunity to connect with your loved ones, despite the distance. 

So, how can you socialize with your loved ones? It’s simple: technology! In the year 2020, most of us have access to a computer with a webcam or a smartphone that has a camera. You have the distinct ability to FaceTime, Zoom or Skype with your loved ones, giving you the opportunity to catch up with them from afar. There are other platforms, such as Houseparty, that give you the ability to video chat with your friends, family or coworkers while playing games. 

We know what you’re thinking: how many times can I FaceTime my friends just to catch up and watch them sit on their couch? It might get old after a while, especially for the people who are dying to be a little more active than social distancing allows. If, prior to this pandemic, your idea of socializing with your loved ones meant going to a workout class or a hike, you may feel restricted and quite honestly, bored. We get it. Trust us—we’ve been there. 

That’s why F45 Training has created an online community that allows you and your loved ones to continue to socialize with each other by remaining active. How is that possible? It’s simple. Our local studios are running Zoom workouts for their members to dial in and participate from anywhere! You and your loved ones can join us in continuing to remain active in quarantine, while fulfilling your sense of adventure. By signing up with your local studio, you can see dozens of familiar faces that are taking 45 minutes out of their days to work out and put their health first, much like you! 

F45 has also pivoted the F45 Challenge—which has always focused on in-person and in-studio workouts—to the homes of members! That’s right, we now encourage you to take on the F45 Challenge from your living rooms, bedrooms or backyards. When an individual goes to, he or she will be able to sign up to receive the daily workouts and nutrition tips, as well as stay connected to a community that will allow him or her to thrive during this time in quarantine. 

Some F45 studios are even taking their online community one step further by providing their members with virtual happy hours, where they can use that time to socialize with like-minded people that want to care for their health during this time. 

Online workouts may not be the same as going into the studio, but it can be one of the few things that you can try to keep as normal as possible in your routine. Not only will this allow you to continue to socialize with your loved ones while staying active, but it will give you the ability to remain as healthy as possible. Your health is always of the utmost importance, and it should be one of your highest priorities. 

When we get back to physically socializing, our studios will be there for you. The relationships that you built during the time you had to be socially distant can actually translate successfully into the new way of life once COVID-19 is over. F45 Training had built a community long before this pandemic, and we will remain there for our members when this pandemic is over.

Social distancing is hard and it sure can suck the life out of some of life’s celebrations, but it does not have to hinder your adventurous and fit spirit. You can continue to spend time with your loved ones and meet new people, while maintaining your physical health. What are you waiting for?

Image: SVG Silh

Physical Distancing While Social Strengthening



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