PRACTISE WHAT YOU PREACH: Why being ‘REAL’ is the recipe for business success

“We are working towards a common goal to improve ourselves mentally and physically, and then it’s also about fun! Your fitness journey should be something you enjoy!”- Jay LaGuardia, Studio Owner F45 East Eau Claire, WI

Genuinely loving what you do really does reflect on the product and service you are giving people. Being ‘real’ builds your business identity into something truly influential. It helps people get their head around what you are offering, how it will benefit them, and shows them you are trustworthy.

Being genuine in business helps build strong connections, and in-turn will build long-term customers! It also gives your business ‘substance’ and allows people to really get a grasp of what you’re offering. When breaking into any franchising industry, particularly in fitness, it’s important to be trustworthy, dependable and credible. You must earn the trust of your customers and show them why they should choose you over competitors, and in F45 terms, that means picking your studio over other fitness opportunities in your area. Once you have established trust with your customers, and they believe in your product, you can then turn your audience into advocates!

“Do something you’re passionate about. Look to empower your purpose and passion with the team and tribe that you select. We are here to allow people to feel comfortable in a space and feel seen and heard, wherever they are in their journey. Sustain your micro community people! That’s what I would say”- Charlie, Studio Owner Culver City, CA.

Think about it, the fitness industry is growing with newcomers on the market, and you are trying to win your customers over. What better way to do that than to show them why they should put their trust in you and give you their hard-earned money in exchange for services that they will love?

When a customer decides to go all in with a fitness company and dedicate their time, energy and money to their training programs, it’s important to understand that this might not have been an easy decision. Just as you did your due diligence when you signed up to become a franchise owner, he or she likely did their research to ensure that they were getting their best ‘bang for their buck’ and that they were investing their energy and time into a training program that will work.

Although there is a plethora of ways to become more genuine and authentic with your consumers, here are few tips to get you started:

GET PERSONAL: Remember that, although you are selling a product to your clients, you don’t have to be all sales, all the time. It’s imperative that you remember that you are speaking to a real human with needs and desires – and you have the tools to meet those needs! Try getting to know them on a personal level, which will show just how much you care about them as a person more than a sale.

BELIEVE IN WHAT YOU DELIVER: If you have invested in a solid business plan, this should be no problem. It’s important to be as ‘real’ as possible in business, and that includes when you are speaking about the services you offer. Your training systems should speak for themselves and do all of the talking.

BE RESPONSIVE: Always respond to your clients and their needs, whether it’s positive or negative. If your customer has an issue with your gym or facility, a trustworthy person will take the time to listen and respond accordingly. Remember to validate their concerns, address the issue at hand and to follow up with them afterwards. For any kind of feedback, it is always appropriate to give your clients an avenue to express their feelings and to give them the ability to be heard.

GIVE BACK TO YOUR COMMUNITY: Being a part of the fitness industry is great because you are delivering services to your community that allows you to see tangible results. You are helping people become the healthiest and strongest versions of themselves. Beyond giving back in that way, you should consider getting involved by connecting with local charities or working with your franchisor to establish a presence in your local community.

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