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ROUND TWO? 'Why I decided to re-invest in F45 Training'

FUN FACT: As of December 31, 2021, approx. 65% of our F45 franchisee network own 1 or more studios. Of these multi-unit owners, 80% reinvested in the brand again, and now have over 2 studios under their belts- that’s a massive 25% jump since December 2019! We love these stats, and the fact that this increase was during the pandemic really does show that the brand can be adapted to any global market, climate and location.

The perks of re-investing in F45 is that you’ve not only already established the brand in your market, you’ve also got all the tools, knowledge and experience from opening your first site, to absolute nail studio no.2. This can range from physical aspects like what to look for in a location and site, internal operations like fine-tuning sales processes, and also understating what kind people you want help operate your empire. The business model lends itself to reinvestment, given the ability to share costs among your studios via trainers and marketing costs.

Owning your own business can be daunting at first, but our franchisee network can agree with us when we say ‘operating an F45 studio is all about loving what you do’. Being an owner means you have the freedom and flexibility to live your dream and change lives every day. You’re also part of our supportive global network of like-minded studio owners, so it’s no wonder most of our owners re-invest in the brand again and again.

We offer consumers a continuously evolving fitness program in which virtually no two workouts are ever the same, sustaining our lead at the forefront of consumer trends.

We caught up with Steph Feld and Jess Dimarco, the dynamic duo from F45 Encinitas, CA. They loved how F45 Encinitas was running so they decided to put the pedal to the metal and open a second studio, F45 Oceanside Pier, CA. The energy and passion they have for the brand really does attest to their studio’s successes.

What made you want to re-invest in F45 after opening your first studio?

Jess: Other than the fact that we are a-d-d-i-c-t-e-d to F45 in general? We have people ask us all the time, do you actually do the workouts? well, the answer is simple, every-freaking-day. We love the brand and everything it stands for.

Steph: Yeah, it’s definitely a love and a passion! We live on the coast, and we noticed a lot of the coastal F45’s do really well. We then saw an opportunity in Oceanside, CA as a location because it is booming and there is a lot of new growth. There’s a 9-block project community centre and new hotels going up. We are in the new Salt building which is one of their new developments and apartments complexes. It’s like, luxury and ocean views, it’s beautiful It used to be a really rough part of town, it’s crazy the difference now. We saw an opportunity there with all the new growth and buildings and we are right near a military base, and it just ended up being such a good area to invest in and we are so proud to have a second studio.

What was it like opening your 2nd studio, F45 Oceanside Pier, CA?

Steph: As far as opening up a studio and everything that comes with it, like the buildout and the location and everything like that, I feel like that came a lot easier. This is because we knew what we were looking out for and knew exactly where things are supposed to go; because F45 is its own format, it defiantly made building out Oceanside a lot easier. With F45 Encinitas we were still learning all the ins and outs. Now we know the tips and the tricks. We found that our second studio costed us less too. For our first studio we didn’t know costs for, like, construction and how much that would be. For our second studio we managed to save close to 100,000k- so thats my favourite part!

Jess: We also refined our resales process, we had some good practises that we kept, and a couple of things we changed. Fine tuning those couple of things made it a little easier on us as the owners and operators and saving some money. We also know what to look for in trainers, so the staff we hire for our additional studios can mirror the actions from Encinitas.

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