Setting Goals: A Guide for Business Owners

Setting goals is an important part of being a successful business owner. A list of attainable goals can be the driving force in motivation for entrepreneurs to go above and beyond when it comes to their business. But what makes a goal worthwhile and how do you know when you’re setting the right goals? While it’s ultimately up to you what you put on your list of goals, we have a few tricks that may help you set realistic, attainable goals for your business.

– Write your goals down, always! No matter how big or small, we think it’s important to make sure you put pen to paper and take note of the goals you want to achieve. This is partly so that you don’t forget them, but also so that you can see them cohesively and prioritize them accordingly.

– Speaking of lists, make them often and categorically by week, month or even day. Narrowing down a large list of goals can help you focus on what is important in the short term, while keeping an eye on the long-term goals you want to achieve.

– Think about goals that will propel your business forward through plausible action. For example, every business owner would like to have a goal of making ‘X’ amount of money, and while that is a great goal to have, think about how you are going to achieve that. Start at the root of how you can make that happen, such as expanding your business to multiple locations in ‘X’ amount of time or increasing your revenue by ‘X’ percent month over month. Start at the foundation of your large goals! 

– Try setting goals that will not only help you as the business owner, but also your employees. Hitting the larger picture goals is a team effort and cannot be solely achieved by the business owner. In order to succeed long term, everyone has to be thriving and doing their best. Try setting goals alongside your employees, ensuring they are doing their best each and every day. And remember: hold them accountable for those goals.

– Don’t forget to remember that your business should be your passion project, too. Above the money and the notoriety, try to set some goals about your mindset, happiness, and mental/emotional wellbeing. These goals will bring you well-rounded satisfaction both inside and outside your office, which will be reflected in your work. 

When it comes to setting goals, remember that the most important thing is that these goals are sustainable, attainable and will propel you forward as a business owner. Starting off with practical goals that will help build the foundation towards your larger goals will set you up for success in the long run. 

Are you setting goals for yourself and your business?

Setting Goals: A Guide for Business Owners



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