Spring Fitness Trends You Need to Try

With summer well on its way, check out the newest workouts which promise to get you in shape for spring, summer, and beyond.


Although fitness is physical, taking time to focus on your mind and mental state can help you to see results. Spring will see an influx of new classes which focus on the mind, using breathing techniques to increase energy and focus. While this style of working out may not be for everybody, it’s well worth a go and can help you to feel more relaxed and better cope with stressful situations.

According to Virgin Active global yoga ambassador Patrick Beach: “2017 is going to be the year when people become truly aware of the power of Mindful Exercise – the positive effect of exercise on mental as well as physical wellbeing. In 2017 I think we’ll see people beginning to have a deeper understanding of the connection between their mind and their body, and appreciate the importance of taking care of both.”


Technology has filtered into most aspects of our life, so why should fitness be any different? Embrace the latest technological innovation in fitness and try Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training, famed for its quick results in weight loss, toning, and endurance. This high tech workout sends electric currents throughout your muscles, which contract on contact with the stimulation. EMS activates over 90% of body muscles, and the best part is just 20 minutes of EMS training is the equivalent of a 90 minute workout. To get your EMS fix, check out E-Pulsive, a boutique EMS training studio, based in central London, which offers one to one sessions.


Gone are the days when the biggest fitness buffs out there stuck to cardio. Today, they know they can’t miss strength training’s science-backed benefits, such as boosting longevity, building muscle mass, and protecting against diabetes, back pain, and more. Plus, a growing number of women, in particular, have come to realize that lifting weights won’t necessarily make them bulky, and in fact will help them burn more fat and boost metabolism.


The popularity of HIIT (high intensity interval training) in recent years has massively influenced the  fitness industry, but this spring it’s time to take your traditional high intensity workout to the pool. The added resistance of the water can take your HIIT workout to a new level. Working out in the water is also great for all ages and fitness abilities, helping to build muscle strength and endurance.


If you struggle to get out of bed early to exercise, and short on time after work, you’re in luck. Spring will see a growth in express workouts – the shorter, more powerful classes you can squeeze into the shortest of lunch break.

If you can only spare 15 minutes, Flex15, the latest session from leaders in HIIT training Speedflex can help to work wonders on your physique. These intense 15 minute classes are led by personal trainers and include a super short warm up followed by a series of exercises on the Speedflex machines, which provide a tough but low impact, full body workout for maximum results. For more information on Flex15 and to find your nearest Speedflex centre check out www.speedflex.com


If you’ve just got your head around reformer pilates, prepare to have your mind well and truly blown.

This complicated new-gen reformer pilates bed, which is rigged up with various levers, pulleys and weights, is popular in L.A and is a favourite of Kim Kardashian.

The magaformer is like a high-octane Reformer Pilates machine, and is at the centre of workouts by Studio Lagree, an LA studio that opened up in the central London last year.

In 2017 Studio Lagree they will be opening at least two more studios in the U.K and the trend looks set to be huge.

Not for the light hearted exercises include the ‘wheelbarrow’ (hands are on the front of the machine and knees on the moveable back carriage, then sliding the back part away) and the ‘French twist’ (pulling cables to work on your obliques).


Long gone are the days of hiding at the back of a fitness class hoping the instructor won’t see you. The popularity of small group training classes is on the rise, and as classes will be less expensive than personal training, you should really see the results you’re after. You’ll still get some one-on-one attention but also have the encouragement and accountability of others in your group.


If the idea of spending hours at the gym fills you with dread, it’s time to find a class which puts the fun back into exercise and leaves you feeling great. The newest fitness kid on the block, F45 does just that, with their encouraging environment, making it easier than ever to achieve amazing results, whilst having fun, and be involved in a community. And with high 5’s all round at the end of each session, your gains might even stretch to new friends too.


Boxfit and boxercise classes aren’t enough for us now, boxing clubs are having a revival (and not just for men). People are no longer just heading to boxing classes in gyms, but checking out specialised clubs to learn the techniques in the ring.

BXR, London’s first boutique, boxing-themed gym, launched in January 2017 and hopes to bring boxing back to its core with professional athletes teaching the classes.

We’re under no illusion that this has something to do with Nicola Adams, the 33-year-old who made history as the first woman to ever win an Olympic gold medal in boxing, then went on to win her second gold at Rio 2016. It’s also been made popular by models like Adriana Lima and Gigi Hadid, as well as Demi Lovato who regularly shares her sparring sessions on Instagram.


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Spring Fitness Trends You Need to Try



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