Stand Out in the Hospitality Industry with F45

Is your hotel gym currently closed? Is your hotel gym open, but are you finding it challenging to encourage your guests to utilize it during their stay? Are you looking for ways to improve your guest experience and overall satisfaction?

Now, with F45 Training, you can bring them a one-of-a-kind fitness and wellness experience that will propel you ahead of the competition. 

Your guests’ health and wellness matters now more than ever. 

We have seen a significant uptick in people who are taking their health and wellbeing more seriously on the heels of the coronavirus pandemic. People are realizing that they only have one life and body, and they are choosing to honor it by taking care of themselves. Your guests are more likely to not only want to stay in shape and maintain their healthy habits, but will have a heightened awareness of their safety while doing so. This means they will likely want to maintain their physical distance from others and will only work out in clean facilities or places that they truly feel safe and comfortable in.

This is where your hotel partnership with F45 comes in.

Picture this: upon check-in, your guests are provided with various fitness options for them to utilize while they are staying at your hotel. You have provided them with such a unique offering that they want to learn more about it, and eventually wind up using said services.

Now, you left an impression on them because you went the extra mile to ensure that your guests have a way to maintain their health and wellness while traveling and staying safe.

You + F45 = Guest Satisfaction & Retention

With F45’s wellness program specifically designed for hotel guests, you can retain and recruit loyal clientele. We have 3 wellness options that your guests will love and thank you for:

Keeping your guests healthy with live and on-demand workouts.

Your guests can access our on-demand pre-recorded workouts via our Challenge App or website. These can be played any time of the day, from anywhere, such as in the established gym within your hotel or in their personal room. Available workouts for your guests include 45-minute weighted and bodyweight workouts, as well as a library of stretching videos to help them recover. This app gives them the freedom to choose a workout that they will love, when it is the most convenient for them!

If your gym is currently closed due to COVID-19, F45 can offer your guests live in-room workouts, hosted via Zoom with our top Athletics trainers. They will be able to dial into the Zoom platform and access adrenaline-pumping workouts, led by the same amazing trainers that lead our local studio classes. Your guests will thank you for giving them the ability to stay on top of their health and fitness routines while they travel, despite your gym temporarily being closed. Their busy schedules or your temporarily closed gym does not have to stand in the way of their health journeys!

Want to learn more about our workouts hosted via Zoom? Click here!

Give your guests the gift of an onsite F45 studio, conveniently located inside of your existing fitness center.

If you are interested in establishing a wellness program that will be a total game-changer, consider placing an F45 studio onsite at your hotel. F45 can establish a studio inside your existing hotel gym so that your guests can have the full F45 experience without having to leave your beautiful hotel. This means you will have a space that emulates the judgement-free, welcoming and clean look and feel that you will find at a local F45 studio—in your hotel. Your guests will be floored that you went the extra mile to set up an experience for them that gives them a place to workout and unplug for 45-minutes a day, without having to hail a cab or pay for an Uber to get there.

Give your guests the true local experience at your nearest F45 Training studio at a discounted rate.

If you are looking to provide your guests with an experience that will submerge them into the local community, consider giving them the ability to attend a class at your local F45 studio! Your partnership with F45 can give your guests the ability to find the nearest F45 studio and take classes with us, at a discounted rate. Not only are you giving them the chance to get out in your local community, but you are introducing them to a brand-new community of people that love health and fitness!

How to Set Up an F45 Training Wellness Program

Together, we can create a guest experience that will not only keep your guests happy while they are staying with you, but keep them coming back time after time. If you are interested in exploring one—or all—of these wellness program options for your hotel guests, our F45 Wellness team is prepared to help you today. Schedule some time to speak with our Corporate Business Development Director, Heather Brenes, by clicking here.

Click here to inquire today about our wellness program options. We are looking forward to create a remarkable and unforgettable experience for your guests!



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