Tackling Group Fitness Head On: An F45 Franchisee Spotlight

Rahul Patel has been an attorney for the past 11 years focused in commercial real estate and property tax litigation.  Practicing law has always been, and will continue to be, a passion of his. It wasn’t until Rahul stepped foot into an F45 Training studio that he realized what his experience in the legal industry could do for him outside of being an attorney.


On the heels of several strings of injuries and generally unhappy in his past experiences at local gyms, Rahul was looking for something better than what he’s been accustomed to when it comes to fitness. The big box gyms just weren’t cutting it — and he sensed that something was lacking in his experience at these fitness studios.

It wasn’t until he and his business partner, Grant Gaines, connected with Chasity Morales, a professional athlete turned fitness enthusiast, that he heard about F45 Training. After speaking with her about what F45 has to offer, they knew they had to experience it first hand.

Rahul recalls his first class as inspirational, high energy and unlike anything he has ever experienced. From the moment he stepped foot in that F45 studio, he knew that this was a unique opportunity that he just had to be a part of. After hearing that San Antonio’s adult population, home to 1.3M residents, is 65% overweight or obese and struggles with weight and health related issues,  he walked away from that class motivated and energized to get involved in the business side of F45, truly believing that it could change lives in his local San Antonio and surrounding communities.

The combo of Patel and Gaines have a history of success – with their “ying and yang” relationship but the injection of Morales into the mix made for a dynamic combination. As always, the team leaned in on its other key members Brooke Byrum & Taylor Gaines to assist with the “heavy lift” that was before them in this next venture. This combo had served them right, however, their depth of experience in franchise matters would serve them well. Though, they didn’t have a background in personal training; but as businessmen and attorneys who prides themselves on recognizing a great opportunity they worked through the franchise discovery process, but it was Grant who then inspired the team to jump in head first into this new business venture.

Together, they strategized which territories in their local area that they believe would be the best suited for a new F45 studio. They considered everything when it came to choosing a location: the foot traffic, the demographic of the area, the interests of the community, etc. Ultimately, the team decided to invest in five F45 franchise locations – which turned out to be just the start. From the moment that they signed on with those five locations, they have been dedicated to being a part of the F45 family and delivering the high quality workouts F45 is known for.

What makes their story unique is that not only did these two business partners come from a completely different background than fitness, but they also have found great success in a chaotic and trying time. Five Fitness Group only had a chance to open a single location before the COVID-19 pandemic hit which forced them to open theirsecond studio virtually in the midst of the global shutdown.

Despite not being able to have the grand opening that they pictured, like always the team adapted, planned, and thrived during quarantine times. Chasity and the team decided it was no time to let their members down – so they quickly shifted and offered their members virtual training sessions to keep them on track and in shape during the pandemic.Their staff helped them hold steady and to feel more confident in the business opportunity F45 has to offer. So much so that they actually purchased 8 more F45 territories during the pandemic.

Rahul and his partner have learned a few things during their time as F45 franchisees, the first one being that what F45 has to offer is truly life changing and can be tailored to people of any age or fitness level. To Rahul, that’s a beautiful thing. 
“We have members who are in their 70’s working out next to someone in their 20’s. They push each other and our exercises can be modified to fit any needs or fitness levels. That’s what makes F45 really great.”

In addition to being proud of the programming that F45 has to offer, the team feels like his time at F45 is bringing a new sense of fulfillment to their careers. Each and every day, the entire Five Fitness team finds a way into the gym – some of them early morning, some are too busy lead the classes or actively handling daily duties, and others hit the evening classes – but, they are in the trenches of the F45 franchise model and they plan to ramp that up even more!

“For us, it’s not ‘if’ we are going to expand and buy more territories in the future, it’s just a matter of ‘where and how many more.’ We are looking for exponential growth that will help us go from 12 studios to closer to 50 – or shall I say “45”! We love F45 that much.”  “Since then they have continued to add high-caliber firepower to the mix and with the recent addition of Erick Weik – we now have yet another extension of the culture and family we want here at F45” says Grant.

This group’s story is one of determination, and shows that you don’t have to have previous fitness industry experience in order to succeed in the F45 family. We are thrilled to have franchise owners that come from all different backgrounds and walks of life. A17A1015

Did Rahul and his team’s story inspire you? Are you ready to take the next step towards owning your own F45 studio? Get in touch with us today and a member of our team will reach out to you to discuss the opportunity with you in greater detail! We hope to welcome you into our family very soon.



This could be a life changing opportunity.


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