The Appeal of Functional Training

A person’s decision to join a certain gym is likely influenced by his or her personal goals. Whether an individual is looking to lose weight, build an impressive physique, or meet like-minded people, these factors will ultimately help determine what kind of gym he or she will join. What many people may not realize, however, is that exercise doesn’t just make you look and feel great—it prepares you for the variety of daily activities of life. 

Exercises that prepare you physically for everyday activities are grouped into a category called ‘functional training.’ This type of training is appealing for many because its benefits are largely carried over into activities outside the gym. For example, doing squats will make getting in and out of a low chair a lot easier, while lunges will give you the power to tackle those high staircases. Or, if you have a strong body, you are able to lift a heavy package from your doorway or climb five flights of stairs in a row without breaking a sweat. Add all the pushing, pulling, and lifting that also partly constitute functional training, and you’ll soon find yourself capable of performing tasks you once found too challenging.

This is one of the reasons why functional training has become the preferred form of exercise for those who are experiencing a plateau in their current fitness regime. It’s also largely popular and beneficial due to its variety of exercises. Since functional training is comprised of so many different exercises (as well as variations of each particular exercise), there is an incalculable amount of functional training workout routines designed for gym-goers.

F45 Training has proven this to be true by incorporating a mix of functional training, high-intensity interval training, and circuit training into over 30 workout experiences, which ensures that virtually no particular workout experience will ever repeated.

Functional training is also beneficial due to its universality. It’s a type of exercise that will work for almost everybody, regardless of their fitness level. Whether it is someone in their twenties or thirties looking to get in the best shape of his or her life middle-aged or elderly people wanting to be as physically independent as possible, or those recovering from injury or illness looking to readjust to their normal lives, functional training is for them. Members also come from various demographic backgrounds, making it one of the most inclusive forms of exercise out there.

Who else might benefit from this particular type of exercise? Aspiring fitness franchisees.

The fitness industry is rapidly expanding, as exemplified by the recent establishment of numerous brands and franchises across the globe. F45 Training is a notable example, having sold over 2,000 studios in 50+ countries since the brand’s founding in 2012. F45’s success is largely due to a unique fusion of functional, circuit, and HIIT training, as well as the incorporation of innumerable workout experiences. Additionally, F45 ensures that all members have the optimal exercise experience. This is exemplified in multiple ways, such as the personalized LCD screens in each studio or the time it takes the fitness instructors to properly demo each exercise to prevent injuries or strains. This helps members perform the exercises safely and efficiently, without wasting time trying to remember what moves they are supposed to be doing.

Variety, innovation, and attention to detail has attracted—and continues to attract—an enormous customer base to F45 studios across the globe. Members have undoubtedly enjoyed the positive physical and mental effects of F45’s workouts so much so that the brand is projected to expand majorly over the next several years.

What does this mean that for anybody looking for the chance to own a fitness franchise? Simply put, consider F45. Owning your own fitness franchise is an exciting way to jump into one of the most booming industries in the world. If you are lucky enough to take ownership of your F45 franchise, you’ll represent a thriving and well-established company whose main objective is helping to improve the lives of people around the globe. Are you ready to join the F45 family? 

The Appeal of Functional Training



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