The Benefits of Investing in the Health and Fitness Industry

If you’re not convinced that putting your money into the health and fitness industry is a good investment, take a look at the global health and fitness industry statistics. According to the latest International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) report released in May 2018, the global health club industry revenue totaled $87.2 billion in 2017, with over 201,000 clubs serving a total of 174 million members. The health club industry continues to grow, thus expanding its global reach and impact.

Despite an unsteady economy, the health and fitness industry has not only continued to do well but has become a powerhouse. As a result of the increasing levels of obesity and the rise in conditions that stem from an unhealthy lifestyle, more people are now aware of health problems and risks in society. This awareness has led to a greater demand for health and fitness franchises.

The IHRSA report stated that “while the U.S. led all markets in club count and memberships at 60.9 million and 38,477, respectively, Brazil was second in club count at 34,509, and Germany was second in the number of members at 10.6 million.” The U.S. also leads all markets in revenue, while Germany is second and the United Kingdom third. 

A growing demand

There has never been a better time to get a gym investment and investing in the healthy industry. More and more people are following a healthy diet and fitness regime in order to live a longer and happier life, creating a large target market to whom you can market your fitness franchise.

Various options

One of the benefits of investing in the health and fitness industry is the variety of business options from which to choose. Whether you’re considering investing in a fitness franchise, starting your own business, or partnering with another business within the health and fitness industry, there are several options to choose from. These options range from gyms and health spas to weight loss solutions, nutritional products, and supplements.

More than one target audience

One thing that makes the health and fitness industry one of the best industries to invest in is its ability to cater to people at all stages of life. Members of all ages and genders aspire to be fitter and healthier; therefore, if you’re a potential investor, there are several target audiences and markets from which to choose.


Opportunity for improvement

Whether it’s a new style of working out or new nutritional supplement, there are a lot of opportunities for improvement, innovation, and new products/services in the health and fitness industry. There are always new ideas popping up to enhance people’s overall fitness levels across the globe, meaning that investors looking to put their money in the industry will have a range of business opportunities.

Recurring revenue model

According to a Sports Club Advisors’ article, the top reason buyers say they like fitness clubs “is because the business model generates ‘annuity-like’ revenues.” In most retail businesses, “once a customer pays for a product or service, they have no further financial commitment. However, in the fitness club industry, when a member joins a club they agree to pay every month, irrespective of variations in season or club usage.” While a significant number of members pay their membership fee for only a short period of time, a higher percentage of members are faithful in paying their monthly fee month after month and year after year. Fitness franchise owners typically look forward to a consistent source of income, even when members miss their classes.

“Scalable” business model

To investors, this implies that “once the business model is proven on a small scale, it can be expanded easily and working capital requirements do not increase significantly.” According to Sports Club Advisors, when a fitness franchise is proven to be profitable with 1,000 members, it’s very easy to expand it to 5,000 members without it requiring proportional investment in working capital.

Fitness franchises also offer more benefits. When you invest in buying a franchise, you don’t only benefit from owning a renowned brand but also a proven business model. On top of that, with regard to things such as training, marketing, and technology, you will get additional support and training. Fewer fitness franchise brands close each year compared to other industry categories.

A resilient industry

Historically, the fitness industry has proven to be extremely resilient during tough economic times and worth getting a gym investment. While several industries experienced falls during an economic slowdown, the health and fitness industry has continued to thrive. Over the past decade, there has been a rise in the number of people purchasing fitness club memberships, and this trend is expected to continue. 

The Benefits of Investing in the Health and Fitness Industry



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