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F45 truly exemplifies ‘Team Training, Life Changing.’ We hear so many amazing and inspirational stories from our members, all of which make being an F45 Training franchisee so rewarding. Knowing you are making a difference in your members’ lives is extremely fulfilling, and it’s a big reason why our franchisees love what they do. In this article, three of our F45 Glen Ellyn members share how F45 helped them during their battles with breast cancer. 

What do you love about F45 Training?
“There are several things I love about F45—how every workout is different and challenging in its own way, the variety of exercises, and the efficiency of the intervals. Additionally, I love how the environment is focused on fitness and encouragement, not on competition or showing off.”

How has F45 continued to be part of your fitness journey, even while battling cancer?
“As I have been going through my treatments, one of the biggest things my doctors have told me is that working out will help me manage side effects. Coming to F45 always makes me feel better, even if I am modifying like crazy to get through a workout. Because working out is such a huge part of my life, doing F45 makes me feel almost normal, as if I can control something when many other aspects of my life are uncontrollable. I’ve always viewed working out as a privilege, for which I am grateful.” 

What is your favorite workout?
“Any strength workout is my favorite, but I also really like the Hollywood and West Hollywood hybrid workouts because they force me to do cardio and the live DJ is awesome.”

What do you love about F45 Training?
“The better question would be, ‘What don’t you love about F45?’ The answer to that question: nothing! I love everything about F45. I love the coaches, the workouts, the members. The coaches have an extremely positive attitude and are always there with a high-five. They know exactly how to push you or help you modify an exercise, all so you can succeed and be the best you can be. The workouts are amazing, too. No workout is ever the same—they’re always challenging, so you never get bored. The members are my family. They have your back, they sweat with you, push you, motivate you, and challenge you. We may not hang out on a daily basis but I definitely look forward to seeing them every morning at 5:45am!”

How has F45 continued to be part of your fitness journey, even while battling cancer?
“At first, it was a marker for how much in my life had changed and how serious of a challenge I was facing. I was diagnosed after doing the first F45 Challenge. I was at the top of my game and within weeks of getting in the best shape of my life, I had to come to grips with the injustices of my situation. I had the choice to either succumb to them or dominate them. If I’m being honest, I did both. Getting over the shock of a diagnosis, the whirlwind of medical appointments, the emotional stress of looping in my family, close friends, distant friends, neighbors, and frankly, total strangers, was emotionally exhausting.

Then came chemo and the exhaustion was physical. Putting poison in my body (chemo) was mentally frustrating. I worked so hard to be healthy, and here I was poisoning my body. The whole time I was thinking about how and when I could claw my way back to F45, and climb my way back to where I was before cancer. I knew I had a huge mountain to climb, one that included recovery from a double mastectomy and figuring out my new body while being on medication that was sometimes debilitating. I chose to conquer it rather than succumb, and returning to F45 was my focus. The first months back were so hard! But, through it all, the coaches, my 5:45 peeps, and other members I didn’t even know gave me the motivation, inspiration and support I needed.”

The Alisa that I was before cancer is not the Alisa I am now. I like to call it Alisa 2.0. My life has been undeniably altered—there’s been a serious plot twist—but in the end I’m still the author of my story. Taking control of my body with the help of F45 is the rocket fuel I need to write my next chapter. I can’t imagine my life without it!”

What is your favorite workout?

What do you love about F45 Training?
“What don’t I love about F45? The workouts are amazing. There are so many “toys” that no workout is ever the same. I never get bored and am ALWAYS challenged. I also love that you really get to know the other members that attend class. It feels like a second family. And of course, I love all the trainers!”

How has F45 continued to be part of your fitness journey, even while battling breast cancer?
“Luckily for me, I was diagnosed with Stage 1, so I have not really been affected or hindered physically. I have been faithfully attending classes 6 times a week.”

What is your favorite F45 workout and why?
“I love them all but I’d have to say my favorite is Saturday morning. It is 27 stations with 2 laps around, a live DJ, an hour class as opposed to 45 minutes, and the energy in there is contagious. I try never to miss a Saturday!”

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