The Importance of Marketing to Millennials and Gen Z

While the modern fitness industry has largely been founded and driven by baby boomers and Generation X, the generational torch has truly been passed with a recent study* showing that 80% of gym-goers are Millennials and Generation Z.

F45’s unique training system focuses on proper form, recovery and sequencing to help ensure that members can jump, run, push, pull and bounce into their golden years. The numbers don’t lie, and when it comes to market opportunity and key consumers, Generation Active (a collective term for Millennials and Gen Z) is the bullseye.

Luckily for F45 Training franchisees, much of the brand’s success has come from a younger customer base. The F45 experience talks directly to what Generation Active is looking for when it comes to health and fitness:

They love tech.
This is a generation of digital natives—they’ve grown up in an age of the internet and smartphones, and technology is used in almost every other part of their lives. From music and entertainment to travel and food, this is an audience that’s using apps, social media and wearable technology to add depth and convenience to almost everything they experience. Fitness is no different.

While most new gym and fitness consumers come from this demographic, they are also more likely to train using a fitness app, follow industry influencers on social media and look for the convenience that virtual training can offer. And it doesn’t stop there—Gen Active is also using wearable tech in-gym to track and optimize the time they spend sweating.

In-studio, F45 Training’s use of screens and Lionheart monitors is a big pull for this younger market. Platforms like the F45 Challenge ensure that members can enjoy a relationship with the brand even when they’re not attending a workout. Franchisees who understand that tech is a major part of the F45 difference will not only be able to attract key customers, but also ensure that they enjoy deeper and more valuable relationships with them. 

Quality is important.
Because Millennials and Gen Z have access to more data and information on health and fitness than previous generations, they’re often more picky about the content they consume and the workouts they choose.

It’s why delivering a top-quality product is so important and why F45 franchisees should look to get the most out of the F45 network’s resources and content. By drawing on over seven years of experience and the collective knowledge of over 1,700 studios sold worldwide, franchisees can make sure they deliver a top-notch member experience that’s consistent in every studio across the globe.

Quality also should be top of mind for franchisees when it comes to staffing up. Thirty-seven percent of Gen Active lists the quality of the instructor or coach as the most important factor when it comes to choosing a fitness class.

They’re not afraid to work hard.
Both Gen Z and Millennials tend to work to live rather than live to work, something that has led to older generations mistakenly labeling them as lazy and unmotivated. The truth is that these are people who aren’t afraid to put in the effort—they just choose to apply themselves in areas that they’re really passionate about.

When it comes to regular exercisers, Gen Z is the most active, with 87% of them training three or more times per week and Millennials trailing just behind them. Both groups are also willing to train harder when they exercise as well, with higher-intensity workouts being their favorites.

Of course, F45’s high-intensity approach to training is tailored to people who like to work harder and see exercise as an experience to be enjoyed rather than something “they have to do.” For franchisees, simply getting Gen Active customers through their studio door might be the most important part, with the workout and customer experience ensuring retention and repeat business.

They don’t want to go it alone.
In the US, 81% of all group fitness class participants are Millennials or Gen Z. It’s a reflection of the fact that they’re not just looking to get fit, but to socialize and have fun at the same time.

While these generations are more connected via social media and technology, the quality of those connections isn’t always amazing and they often desire real-world get-togethers and collaborations. F45’s ‘Team Training’ is the perfect solution. A training system that gets franchise customers working together and motivating one another won’t just satisfy Gen Active’s need to work hard, but also their desire to turn their training into a rewarding social experience. 

They might even be one of your best sales tools.
This audience is super active on social media, and by featuring them in your studio’s social posts, you’ll find that they’re often willing to tag, comment and share with their extensive networks.

By working to create “Insta-worthy” moments and occasions, F45 franchisees can encourage their Gen Active members to help showcase their business and act as additional sales channels. Additionally, making them aware of brand initiatives and news will give more sharable content to members who are proud to talk about their training community. 

Success needs a holistic approach.
Franchisees should keep in mind that a holistic approach is needed to make the most of the Gen Active market opportunity. Winning will mean more than just getting it right on the studio floor, but also keeping conversations going beyond the time members spend working out. Above all, it’s delivering shareable social experiences that will build loyalty and emotional connection with this valuable consumer group.




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