The Type of Business to Invest in Post-Pandemic

As we emerge on the other side of this pandemic that has swept the world since March 2020, people will start to shake off the dust from their old habits and get back into life as they once knew it. People will see long-lost friends and family, travel and even get back into investing or pursuing the career of their dreams.

Yes, things that may have been put on hold during the pandemic are once again being brought to the forefront of our brains, and while that is good as gold, it can be scary to jump back into these things! What if you are rusty in the way you approach potential investment opportunities or forget the basics of how to open a business successfully? It can be an overwhelming thought to return to things without preparing properly. 

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! When it comes to investing in a business or opening a franchise post-pandemic, here are a few things that we think are important to look out for. Pay close attention, this may greatly benefit you more than you even realize.

– Don’t be afraid to ask questions about their business model, especially in regards to how the company handled the pandemic and how they are approaching business moving forward.

There’s no better way to gauge how invested a company is in its franchisees than how it helped them through what potentially was the most unexpected time in recent history. When you speak to a representative from this company, consider asking them questions such as:

What resources did you give your franchisees/business owners in order for them to survive during the pandemic? 

    • Has the pandemic affected the way you approach your business model? If so, how? 
    • Looking ahead toward the next 12 months and beyond, what is your plan to set yourself apart from others in the business who are looking to recover post-pandemic? 
    • What kind of support are your franchisees and business owners currently receiving? Do they receive regular communication from HQ? Are they given opportunities to grow?

      – Ask yourself if the industry you are interested in joining will be one that people will want to get back to post-pandemic.

      There are certain industries, such as the health and wellness sector, that could potentially see a massive boom in business post-pandemic. Why? People care about their health and wellness now more than ever. People want to be the healthiest they can be, and there’s nothing quite like a global crisis to show why it’s so important to work out, eat right and put your mental/emotional health first. 

      – Look for the people that aren’t ready to go back to life pre-pandemic, but rather the people that will embrace the new way of life and look to steer their business towards success, despite the changes they have faced lately.

      There’s nothing more reassuring to a businessperson/investor than to see that the company is able to set aside ego in the name of the greater good of its network. Sure, the business model may have to change slightly in order to fit a post-pandemic world, but that is something the company is willing to do in order to set its network up for success. Ego has no place in business when it comes to choosing the right people with whom to work.

    • When it comes down to choosing what type of business to invest in or become a part of, it is completely normal to feel overwhelmed and slightly anxious. Mix those feelings in with a recent global pandemic and you have a potential recipe for anxiousness overload. We get it, and we completely understand. Instead of rushing to find a new venture or business, try taking your time to interview the company, just as you would a potential new hire for said business. Do your research and make sure you feel good about getting into business with the people with whom you are speaking. After all, if this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that life is too short to do something that you don’t love. Make sure you love your next business venture!

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The Type of Business to Invest in Post-Pandemic



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