Turn Your Passion for Fitness Into Revenue

Do you wake up in the morning with a fire lit inside of you? Do you feel motivated to take on the day the moment you open your eyes because you know you’re fulfilling your purpose? 

If you answered no, you may want to explore that answer a bit. It may be because you haven’t slept well the night before or that you know you have a long day of chores, errands or meetings ahead of you.

Or, perhaps it is because you haven’t found your passion project quite yet. You may not have found the one thing that you love so much, you truly don’t mind doing it 8-12 hours a day. At F45 Training, that’s what we like to call fulfilling your calling and turning your passion into a career. 

If you have a love for health and fitness, you may ask yourself what kind of career could you possibly have that will pay the bills and fill your heart and soul? Becoming a personal trainer may work for you, but you may not necessarily make the amount of money you need to support yourself or your family long term. Surely front desk work at a studio would be enjoyable, but again – how could you make enough money to justify following your passion? 

We have two words for you: studio ownership. 

Passion + Drive = Success

We truly believe you spend too much time at work to do something that you don’t enjoy. If you are looking to make a career change, looking to get back into work or simply looking for an opportunity to provide income for your family, we encourage you to consider tapping into a hobby of yours. Working out brings joy to so many people, as it helps them relieve stress and anxiety, achieve optimal health, reach their goals, and so much more.

If you are someone that truly enjoys the amount of time you spend at your local gym or fitness studio, we encourage you to think inward and consider this: what if you could provide a place for your community to come work out and belong to a community?

Enter F45 Training

Our scalable business model allows our franchise owners to take control of their destiny and marry their love of fitness with business strategy and knowledge. If done properly, opening an F45 Training studio of your own can bring in steady and significant revenue, all while you actually enjoy going to work every day. 

Not only will you be able to make money, but you will be giving your community one of the world’s greatest high-intensity workouts and a place where they can go and feel like they are a part of a family. The sense of community that members will feel will empower them to show up for the 45-minute classes, but the F45 product you deliver will keep them coming back. 

We know what you may be thinking: I do love working out, but I don’t actually know how to run my own studio. The beauty of getting involved in a well-established franchise, such as F45 Training, is that there’s plenty of support available to you once you are a franchise owner. When you become an F45 studio owner, you will receive support from the head office that sets you up for success. This support includes, but is not limited to: marketing, membership recruiting and hiring advice for your studio staff. Not only is there now no excuse for not investing in your future, but it has never been easier to get involved in the F45 Training community as a franchise owner.

Feeling like your current financial situation may not allow for you to actually buy your own F45 studio? While we understand the apprehension, we also understand that there are options for people like you. If you are truly serious about wanting to turn your passion into a profession, we feel it is worth a conversation to see how we can get you to your dream of owning your own fitness studio. 


How to Turn Your Passion for Fitness Into Revenue



This could be a life changing opportunity.


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