What Happens to Your Employees When They Work Remotely

Memories of going into an office and seeing your coworkers and employees seems to be a thing of the past—for now. Your employees are likely working from their makeshift offices, which are probably their kitchen tables or old desks they had to dust off. The new normal is having to work from home while children, spouses, housemates or family members are all piled in the same areas. 

Working from home can be challenging, to say the least. But did you know that the challenges actually go beyond temporary frustration from the chaos of your employees’ new office? It’s true—your employees are actually at risk for developing poor habits, as well as deteriorating mental and emotional health. Since working from home is a new thing for most of the corporate world, employees may not necessarily know how to handle their new routine. 

Your employees should be cared for during their work from home days the same way you cared for them when they were working from your office. As a manager, it can be difficult to really understand the challenges that your employees are facing during periods of social distancing. F45 Training compiled a list of things that can happen to employees while they are working from home, as well as simple tricks or tips to help.

Employees may start to feel overwhelmed and get the sudden need to work around the clock.

This likely comes from the idea that since they are working from home, they are always “at the office.” While technically that may be true, it is important that they remember to unplug after their usual business hours and work for the day is done. As a manager, you should reiterate that you appreciate their efforts, but want to ensure they have the chance to rest, recharge and come back to work the next day ready to tackle their workload. 

  • Overall productivity may tank due to distractions in their home.

    This is understandable, and in some cases, unavoidable. Since all employees are having to create their own office in a part of their home, it may not be the most ideal and efficient environment. While this may be frustrating at first, it is important to remember that everyone is simply doing the best they can given the current circumstances. As a boss, it is imperative to set an example for your employees during this time. It may be beneficial to schedule one-on-one meetings with your team members to ensure that they feel heard and to give them an opportunity to either explain their lack of productivity or to simply express their concerns. Keeping the dialogue open during this time is so important, as it will make your employees feel safe and comfortable.

    Their bodies may not like the adjustment of working from an at-home office and eventually, they may feel the pain.

    If your employees are feeling run-down, fatigued or sore from their new work setup, it is important that you still provide them with support, even from afar! Did you know that exercise can actually help your employees feel recharged, energized and can help fight off stiff joints that come from sitting in an uncomfortable position all day? It’s true, and there are some wonderful options out there for you during this time. F45 has created an online and at-home environment that will give your employees the ability to put their health and wellness first by completing daily 45-minute workouts. The at-home solution also includes healthy recipes that will fuel your employees during their days at home, ensuring they are putting their best foot forward when it comes to their health and wellness.

    Simply put, they will long for the camaraderie that they once felt in the office with their fellow employees.

  • What was probably known as their daily routine of going into the office and chatting with coworkers is likely now an experience that they long for. It can be overwhelming to not know when you will be able to go into the office again or resume life as we once knew it. Virtual happy hours, team bonding or team workouts allow your employees to continue to keep in touch with each other in a professional and fun way!

    It is strongly recommended that you consider tackling the issues of employee wellness as though it is business as usual, even though it surely isn’t. The health, wellness and longevity of your employees is of the utmost importance, some may argue now more than ever. It is imperative to remember that finding corporate wellness programs has never been easier, as the majority of them have pivoted to be virtual.

    If you would like to speak with F45 Training about how you can set yourself and your team up for success during social distancing, reach out to Heather Brenes at [email protected]. Your team will thank you for implementing such a valuable and engaging program that prioritizes their mental, emotional and physical well-being.

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What Happens to Your Employees When They Work Remotely



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