What Makes F45 a Unique Fitness Franchise?

F45 is one of the fastest-growing brands in the fitness industry, and is expanding by opening studios worldwide. 

Many have asked what makes F45 a unique franchise opportunity. To answer this, we will start by unveiling two one-of-a-kind factors that make F45 training stand apart from other businesses in the industry.

Every F45 workout is a unique experience.

Combining fitness industry trends of both group and functional training, F45 is proud to deliver high-quality workouts that will keep clients guessing every time. Every workout is an idiosyncratic experience. Our founders identified an opportunity to deliver premium team training services in a boutique studio environment. Our workouts don’t include any power lifting or technical lifting, but they are sweat-inducing every time and will leave members feeling energized after each training session.

At F45, members have access to multiple customized training systems, several different circuit movement patterns, and unique timing modules. We pride ourselves on having more than a thousand exercises and workout variations that are constantly changing. We ensure that members are both challenged and motivated, which in turn generates great results. 

The use of industry-leading technology.

When you enter any F45 studio, you can expect to see robust technology systems in place in order to deliver our high-quality workouts. A series of displays mounted on the front walls of all our studios ensure there is a systematic, station-by-station diagram for each daily workout. With this visual tool system, our members can complete their workouts with guidance and motivation from our training instructors. Our goal is to ensure that each member is focusing on form while effectively torching calories. Our technology allows us to become better trainers, allowing us to give our undivided attention to the members.

As a leader in the fitness industry, F45 Training aims to incorporate the best in digital technology to deliver the most engaging, innovative workout in the world. We strive each and every day to give our franchisees the tools they need to succeed, whether that be through our carefully-programmed workout routines or our scalable business model that incorporates the latest technology trends. 

These are just a few reasons why we are unlike anyone else in the fitness industry, and we are ready to welcome you into our family. 

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What Makes F45 a Unique Fitness Franchise?



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