What Makes F45 a Unique Fitness Franchise?


F45 is one of the fastest growing brands in the fitness industry, with over 500 studios sold in Australia and more than 900 studios across the rest of the world. This brings up the question: “What makes F45 a unique franchise?”. To answer this, we will start by unveiling what factors make F45 training unique in comparison to other businesses out there.

Every F45 workout is a unique experience

Integrating the fitness industry trends of both group training and functional fitness, at F45 no program is ever repeated. This makes every workout a unique experience. Our founders identified an opportunity to deliver premium team training services in a boutique studio environment. F45 workouts don’t include any power lifting or technical lifting.

At F45 members have access to 10 customized training systems, 10 different circuit movement patterns, 15 unique timing modules, more than a thousand exercises and workout variations that constantly change. We ensure that members are not only challenged, but remain motivated, which leads to achieving great results. F45 training workout systems all have distinctive identities, each receiving personalized branding.


When you enter any F45 studio you can expect to see robust technology systems in place for the delivery of workouts. A series of displays mounted on the front walls of all our studios ensure there is a systematic, station-by-station diagram for each daily workout. With this visual tool system, our members can complete their workouts with guidance and motivation from our training instructors. As a leader in the fitness industry, F45 training aims to incorporate the best in digital technology to deliver the most engaging, innovative workout in the world.

Rob Deutsch co-founded F45 in 2011, which has now become a fitness empire, establishing the franchise on a high-paced, inclusive team workout strategy. Deutsch has said that “the philosophy has always been ‘team training, life changing’. And F45 has been doing just that, transforming people’s lives.

According to Deutsch, the fact that the F45 system offers variety has been a big factor in our success. “Every single day you turn up, it is a completely different system and a completely different workout. That makes it fun and innovative and people get phenomenal results, which is why we have such a sticky membership base.” 

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What Makes F45 a Unique Fitness Franchise?



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