What Your Front Desk Says About Your Fitness Studio

When clients or customers come into your fitness studio, there are two main places that leave a first impression on them.

The first is the outside of your studio, which includes your building exterior, signage, etc. When executed properly with your franchisor (or in partnership with a realtor), you should make clients feel excited to walk through your front doors. The second place they see is the front desk, and this is where you have a chance to make a lasting positive impression on them. 

It may sound cliché, but your front desk represents your establishment as a whole. It is the first thing someone sees when entering your premises and it will likely be the last thing he or she sees before leaving. Here are a few tips on how to keep your fitness studio’s front desk looking sharp, professional, and welcoming:

– First things first: get rid of the clutter and only have what is essential to your business at the front desk. It may be easy to let your employees keep their things at the front desk or allow papers to pile up, but try to remember that the less chaotic it is, the better. Try to keep only the things you need on the desk: check-in items, equipment for class (if applicable), marketing materials, etc.

– If you have a point-of-sale system or check-in system, consider making sure that those stations and the actual pieces of equipment are tidy, clean, and efficient. A simple wipe down of an iPad or ensuring that the computer is properly working will give your members easy access to either purchase something from you or check into their class.

– If you have a retail space behind or near your front desk, ensure that you give people enough space to do their thing while you do yours. No one likes being encroached on when they are trying to shop, so consider this: do you have enough space to do your job and for your patrons to look at merchandise? Additionally, is the merch thoughtfully spaced out and displayed in a way that meets brand standards and guidelines? Remember, this is all a representation of your business! 

– A smile, warm greeting, and genuine attitude go a long way at a front desk. There is nothing worse than going into a workout class or gym and getting a cold greeting from the front desk upon check-in. Proper training should take place for any and all members of your team who are working the front desk in order to prevent members from feeling unwelcome in your place of business. 

– Don’t forget to greet new people with a certain level of attention and care to truly elevate their experience. If possible, look at your class roster to see if you have any new people attending your studio on that particular day/in that class. If there is someone new coming to your studio, consider having an extra set of hands at the front desk to help check members in while you wait to greet the new person and show him or her around. It makes a difference to take two minutes out of your day to welcome new clients into your business, rather than check them in and leave them to figure it out on their own. This can set you apart from the competition. 

When it comes down to making a lasting and memorable impression on your clients, you never want to leave it to chance. Instead, we suggest implementing these small things into your front desk routine and continue welcoming your clients into your business with open arms. Remember: the front desk is like your front line of defense, and is the first thing that clients see when stepping foot in your business. Take pride in your front desk, as well as your entire fitness studio, and we know you will do great things! 

What Your Front Desk Says About Your Fitness Studio



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