Who Has the Biggest Influence When it Comes to Franchising?

The decision to choose and buy a franchise is a very complex process and is influenced by a range of different variables. Many people have influence over whether or not a franchise sells and the ability of the business to grow and continue to create value.

While the end decision always lies with the prospective franchisee, he or she should always do their homework and listen to people who have experience. Whether it be financing, marketing, or general guidance, it’s important to listen to those who are best positioned to point you in the right direction.

Spouses, relatives, friends, and distant acquaintances might all chime in with advice that could sway the franchisee’s decision. A smart thing for any purchaser to do is to talk to franchisees who have already bought into the concept. They’ll be able to give the purchaser on-the-ground insight and talk from experience when it comes to the pros and cons of the franchise system. They’ve been through the initial process, and should have worthwhile advice on how good a fit the franchise will be for the buyer as a result.

That’s why existing franchisees are the biggest and most valuable influencers when it comes to the growth and success of F45 Training.

Without empowered, successful franchisees, we wouldn’t be able to market our brand or make the F45 concept available to as many people as we can. This thinking has lead to our ever-improving franchise system and is a big part of our status as the world’s fastest-growing fitness network.

It’s a system that’s centered on franchisees and designed to support them with everything they need to grow their individual business. It’s a system that:

  • Provides the franchisee with an extensive network of knowledge and ‘been there, done that’ experience. 
  • Offers an array of marketing materials designed to simplify driving both sales and awareness.
  • Gives studios an array of world-class programming and new products designed to tap into the opportunities in individual areas, markets and demographics.
  • Leverages strong ambassador relationships with celebrity athletes and fitness influencers who give the brand authentic support.
  • Grants access to a community that holds the same vision, beliefs, and passions.
  • Presents training and opportunities to increase franchisee’s business skills and health and fitness knowledge by collaborating with best-in-practice experts.

It’s a formula that is central to our success and a reason why our franchisees are F45’s most powerful influencers. But don’t take our word for it – ask one of them today.

Image: Teriyaki Madness Franchise


Who Has the Biggest Influence When it Comes to Franchising?



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