Why an F45 Fitness Franchise is a Smart Investment

You might be concerned that a lack of practical fitness experience or years of business ownership will prevent you from entering the fitness industry. Don’t be. Even if you’re fresh out of college, you can still create your own career path and achieve success in the industry in spite of having a limited professional history by investing in, and taking ownership of, an F45 Training fitness franchise.If you’ve got the appropriate amount of business savvy, strong leadership skills, a passion for F45, then you’re guaranteed to thrive. Here’s why.

Firstly, you’ve joined a franchise operation that’s well-established, and which operates under a secure and recognized trademark and has a substantial customer base, as is the case with F45. This means there’s no need to concern yourself over matters such as reputation, visibility and popularity, nor is there any need to fret over the brand’s official or legal status. All of this has been sorted out by the business’ founders, and you can safely assume a role as representative of their highly successful and profitable brand.

Secondly, you’ll not only be buying into an established brand, but an established business model and system of operations as well. This means that you will be guided by a detailed system that informs you of exactly how your franchise should be run. This covers everything from services offered and marketing strategies to administrative processes and emergency procedures.

Why is a set system of operations so beneficial? Simply put, it ensures a franchise runs both smoothly and in the same way as other franchises belonging to a brand. That way, it will properly represent the company it’s part of, and it won’t deviate in any way from what the brand has promised its current and prospective customers. And if the brand is as widely spread as F45 (which currently has over 1300 franchises sold in 36 countries), then the system formulated by its founders is replicable enough to have been successfully taught to new franchisees and their employees.

And that’s where you come in. You’ll be able to assimilate your new franchise’s system of operations in no time, not just thanks to its simplicity, but also due to the training you’ll receive. Expect to be instructed on the ins and outs of the brand’s business model before you take ownership of one of its franchises in order to help your new business flourish.

This training will enable you to acclimate yourself to your new professional environment more quickly and with very few bumps along the way. As Bruce Billison, chairman of the Franchise Council of Australia, explains, “the franchisee should get ongoing training, support and marketing assistance to help them grow their business and maximize profitability.” Also, once you do eventually take ownership, you’ll be supported by your franchisor, your employees and your fellow franchisees.

But it’s not just the company’s environment that’ll aid you in your new venture. Aspects of the industry as a whole will benefit you, especially one trend in particular. That’s technology, which is expanding as rapidly, if not more so, than the fitness market. If you pay regular attention to industry trends, you’ll no doubt be aware of the prevalence of wearable devices and fitness apps, as well as how these technologies, due to their convenience in tracking fitness, have motivated people to attend gym more frequently. Technology is clearly enhancing the experience of exercise for gym goers, and many fitness brands are already capitalizing on this phenomenon.

F45 is one such a brand, having successfully integrated technology into its members’ gymming experience. It provides LionHeart monitors to gym attendees so that they can track their heart rate and the amount of calories they’ve burned, and it has also equipped its studios with LCD screens on which these statistics are shown, and on which correct exercise forms are displayed for assistive purposes. In essence, F45 has made performing exercise and tracking its results much simpler.

If you owned a fitness franchise that made use of innovative technology, you’d be part of a working environment that was much easier to manage. Combine it with a comprehensible system of operations, supportive staff, the assurance of trademark security, and your own leadership and business skills, then you’ll be close to finding success as a franchise owner, even if you’re a relative newcomer to the scene.

Why an F45 Fitness Franchise is a Smart Investment



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