Why an F45 Franchise is the Smart Choice in 2020

The last few years have seen an explosion in the health and fitness industry. Off the back of people wanting to live better, fitness and health club memberships in the US grew 37% in the last decade,* reaching a whopping 62.5 million. About one in five Americans has a gym membership, and this growth isn’t slowing. The industry is predicted to expand to 230 million memberships worldwide by 2030. A huge portion of this growth will come from franchise chains, with the Association of Fitness Studios naming franchising the top industry trend last year.**

Of course, all this means that a successful fitness franchise is a hot ticket item, and choosing the right one is a great way for people to invest in a business that will deliver returns for their bottom line, happiness and lifestyle. With so many options out there, how do you know which franchise is right for you, and more importantly, right for the members you hope to attract and retain?

In this article, we look at some of the hot fitness franchise trends for the year ahead and how F45 is poised to make the most of them.

Boutique is big.

For years, big-box corporate gyms dominated the market, but with easier access to different ways of training and people looking for experiences that go beyond just working out, niche workouts and training systems are gaining in exposure and popularity. These classes and clubs offer more than just endless rows of treadmills, the standard group workouts and a free weight section. They give members the chance to socialize, learn new skills and enjoy results that go beyond a slimmer waistline or bigger biceps.

Much of F45 Training’s worldwide success is due to the fact that each studio is a community of people working together and inspiring each other, all while building functional strength and fitness that carry over into their everyday lives. Additionally, an F45 studio doesn’t require acres of floor space, loads of expensive equipment or a massive member base. Because of this, it’s an accessible option for most new business owners.

Let’s get personal.

A really good training program looks at the individual person, their goals and needs, how they move, and what motivates them. While cookie-cutter workouts often deliver results in the short term, investing in a personal trainer will often deliver better results and ensure more consistency than going it alone.

It’s why personal training is another current hot topic in the industry and trend that F45 is well-positioned to take advantage of. Smaller group classes and expert instructors position F45 at the intersection of group and personal training. This means that members receive individual attention and have access to expert coaches who adjust their focus as members’ goals and lifestyles change.

Wearing your heart on your sleeve.

Heart rate monitors and wearable fitness tech is also set to grow in popularity in 2020. Again, F45 Training is ahead of the game. Our LionHeart monitors ensure members are exercising at the right intensity and give them all the information they need for a better workout.

Members can measure their heart rates, percentage of maximum effort, and total calories burned, as well as take it a step further with a unique point system that rates session performance. The system integrates with the in-studio F45TV displays to simplify live performance tracking, and sophisticated reporting helps members assess progress and stay on track.

Not just fitness—function, too.

There’s no point looking like a cover model if you pull a muscle getting out of bed, get winded walking up a couple of flights of stairs, or injure yourself throwing a ball for your dog. Today’s fitness consumers want training programs that will help their sports performance, prevent injury and ensure that they are able to keep on jumping, lifting, twisting and pushing into ripe old age.  Mobility workouts, functional movements and exercise as medicine are all the rage at the moment and a sure way to attract more members to your franchise. 

F45’s training system places an emphasis on real-world strength and fitness and is designed to not only be loads of fun, but also give members results they’ll feel in their everyday lives. It means that an F45 franchise isn’t just an attractive option for new members, but is also more likely to retain them for longer periods of time.

A franchise that’s future-fit.

F45 Training’s cutting-edge appeal and perfect fit for the modern world of fitness is the result of our commitment to always learn, refine and improve—and not just when it comes to training. Our unique franchise system and its continued success is due to our belief that each and every one of our franchisees should be supported and empowered to make the most of their own business. We’re sure 2020 is going to be another amazing year for all of us!


Why an F45 Franchise is the Smart Choice in 2020



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