Why Athletes Make Great F45 Franchisees

F45 Training franchisees are entrepreneurial and committed to learning both the business aspects of an F45 franchise as well as the health and fitness side. The most successful franchisees are driven by their passion to change the lives of their members through fitness and are extremely invested in their members’ progress. While our franchisees identify with different groups—such as corporate refugees, personal trainers, entrepreneurs, and athletes—athletes are overwhelmingly drawn to F45 for its mission and values. 
Many of our F45 franchise owners are pro-sports athletes, including cricket, rugby, World Series champions, and basketball stars. Here are some reasons why athletes make great F45 franchisees: 

Fitness is an integral part of their lives already.
Athletes’ leadership experience in sports successfully translates to F45’s team-oriented style of training. The combination of their high-energy, go-getter personalities and thirst for competition and physical excellence is a perfect match for F45. One of our franchisees, Mitch McClenaghan, is a New Zealand international cricketer. He loves that F45 Training is a team environment, and thoroughly enjoys the healthy dose of competition and camaraderie that comes with each session—“by getting in and doing the work with 20 other people, it pushes you to the max and you improve quite quickly.”

Athletes are used to coaching.
According to a Forbes article, athletes have been coached by others their entire lives, so the transition to being trained by a franchisor is natural. They are used to learning the game plan and setting out to execute it, and since many athletes are natural leaders, they take these qualities to the business field as they make important franchise decisions. F45 helps its franchisees by providing a proven, successful business model, a guide (Playbook) with a set of instructions and guidelines about how to operate their F45 franchise, and ongoing support.

Option for a manager-run model.
Since former and current athletes have outside demands on their time, other obligations, and limited background in the industry, they often can’t be at the studio on a full-time basis nor do they want that level of commitment. F45 franchisees can choose their level of involvement, and if they do opt to go the manager-run route, they have the opportunity to own the studio while having other employees in place to oversee day-to-day operations.

While there are many franchise opportunities available for former athletes, F45 is one of the best opportunities out there. Former and current athletes have thrived as F45 franchisees with the support of F45 HQ and our proven franchise structure. Becoming an F45 Training franchisee sets you up for great success, regardless of your background or experience.

Why Athletes Make Great F45 Franchisees



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