Why Company Culture Matters for Franchisees

When shopping around for your next big thing in life, you may be faced with a lot of noise surrounding you. Companies are trying to impress you enough to get you in the door and become a part of their franchise network. It can be overwhelming to say the least.

While there are some obvious things to look out for such as a great business model, company growth and impressive franchise network statistics, there are also a few other things that most potential franchisees overlook. We’re here to discuss one in particular: company culture. Here are just a few reasons why it should matter to you and how it can ultimately impact your bottom line. 


  • -Company culture shines through every aspect of the business, starting with your product. When considering a potential business opportunity, it’s important to understand that the company culture greatly impacts the product in which you are offering your customers. For example, here at F45 Training, we take pride in providing an environment where egos are checked at the door which means we have no mirrors in our studios and our workouts are focused on making you feel stronger and healthier! This sets the tone for our members and in turn, sets us apart from the competition. 


  • -A strong company culture can help you recruit the best talent, which makes all the difference when it comes to delivering a high quality product. Recruiting and retaining high quality employees can be challenging for some companies, but when you have a company culture that is inviting, encouraging and motivating, you are more likely to have people on your team that embody what the company stands for. At F45, we go by the motto ‘team training, life changing’ and hire the best in the business; people who are motivated by changing lives through our heart pumping workouts. As a potential franchisee, it’s important to understand that our company culture makes it fun for our members and employees alike, keeping everyone happy and harmonious while in an F45 studio! 

-The enthusiasm surrounding a brand and the company culture not only can be seen by your customers, but it portrays the company a certain way in the community. If you invest in a company that truly cares about it’s employees/customers and the culture in which they foster at their company, it makes a huge difference in how people will perceive you and what you are offering. F45 Training takes great pride in showcasing our dedication to our employees, members and community from the moment we announce a studio is coming to a local area to the second we open our doors and welcome new members into our training sessions. People pick up on these things and will remember how your company made them feel, and it all starts with promoting a positive and innovative culture. If you make them feel welcome and comfortable, they’re more likely to be repeat customers and in turn — you can see more consistent profits due to their loyalty! 


At the end of the day, it’s important to note that company culture is just one thing to consider when looking for a new business opportunity. You should look for a franchise network that fits your personal and professional needs; one that will have something to offer everyone. The right franchise network for you will check all of the boxes and will make you proud to be a part of their family. 


We are always looking to add like minded, hard working individuals into the F45 Training network! If you are interested in learning more about our business model, our company culture and how we continue to grow as a network, reach out to us today! We look forward to speaking with you!  



This could be a life changing opportunity.


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