Why Group Exercise Reigns Supreme for Some

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges a new gym-goer experiences is the type of exercise that he or she should be investing in. There are so many options available to consumers these days that it can be overwhelming and difficult to find what works for each individual.

For some, they enjoy putting on their headphones and being left alone for an hour of their day, working out solo. For others, however, they are looking for more accountability, motivation, and community. People that are searching for the latter would benefit greatly from being a part of a group exercise community. Here are a few reasons why group exercise is the superior choice for some gym-goers:

Accountability is greater in numbers.

When working out in groups, people may be less likely to cancel their workout because they know people are both waiting on and counting on them. Gym-goers will feel more likely to stick to their routine and be held accountable for their actions, both in and outside of the fitness studio.

Intimidation and fear decreases when a connection is established between gym members. 

It can be intimidating to go to a new workout glass or gym. Working out in a group can give a sense of comfort and peace with a new environment and allow the member to feel at home in his or her gym.

A sense of belonging and community is irreplaceable.

Although most gym-goers don’t necessarily look for new friends when searching for a gym or fitness studio, it is an added bonus that can make or break an experience. Making new friends allows the workouts to be more enjoyable and gives members a chance to connect with people that have similar interests, starting with your choice in workouts!

Energy levels are sure to be elevated throughout the workout, as members feed off each other.

When members are feeling particularly unmotivated and low on energy, they can quickly be boosted to feel motivated and ready to go with the help of their fellow gym members. Feeding off of each other’s energy can result in a better workout and an improved overall mood at the end of the day.

Group exercise is no longer just limited to a physical gym!

In today’s day and age, group fitness does not have to be exclusive to in-person workout classes or gyms. Many fitness studios and gyms are offering their members the ability to work out from the safety and comfort of their own homes! Now, gym-goers do not have to choose between the social or accountability aspect of group training and home workouts. Why not have both?

For some, group fitness is simply the only way to train. To group fitness lovers, it is a superior way to get a great workout in, while fulfilling your social and accountability tank for the day. Whether they’re looking for an at-home workout with a group to keep them in line or an in-person training program that allows them to get their sweat on face-to-face with their peers, there’s no wrong answer!

Which gives you the motivation you need to change your life and train on a whole new level?



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