Why HIIT Isn’t Just for Young Adults

HIIT, also known as high-intensity interval training, is a type of workout that focuses on burning as many calories as possible in a short amount of time by implementing all-out effort bursts. It has become a fitness industry phenomenon in recent years, with studios like F45 Training delivering high-quality HIIT programs to members on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, HIIT is sometimes labeled as a type of workout that is only meant for young adults or people that are in excellent shape already. While some fitness studios may have a young population of members, it’s important to point out that HIIT training is beneficial for everyone, despite age or fitness level.

Here are just a few reasons why high-intensity interval training is not just for young adults:

– HIIT training can help seniors, or elderly individuals, improve their memory over time. In fact, the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience states that in just six weeks of HIIT being incorporated into their exercise routines, elderly individuals can see an improvement in high-interface memory and the cells that are responsible for the ability to remember events, people, words, etc.

– Cardiovascular health and cardiovascular rehabilitation have been shown to improve when elderly individuals sprinkle HIIT workouts into their exercise routines (while simultaneously maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet). 

– Having said that, an elderly individual’s lung health can also improve after incorporating HIIT into his or her life as well! After becoming familiar with HIIT, 69% of adults over the age of 65 saw an improvement in their ability to take in oxygen.

– Blood sugar and glucose levels of those who participate in HIIT workouts can be significantly lower than those who focus on walking or biking, despite burning the same amount of calories in a greater period of time. 

These are just a few of the ways why high-intensity interval training has been programmed to include people of all ages and greatly benefit them in the long run. Fitness studios that offer their members HIIT workouts should focus on providing an environment that is inclusive and welcoming to all members, not just the younger ones that are in A+ shape. 

F45 Training does this in a few different ways, such as: taking out ego from the gyms by eliminating mirrors, offering a wide variety of modifications for those who need it (don’t worry, you still will feel the burn!), and giving each member undivided attention during class to ensure that he or she is getting a great workout while staying safe. F45 welcomes individuals from all walks of life and ages to participate in our heart-pumping, adrenaline-filled workouts! We feel that the most important thing is not how fit you are or what age category you are in, but how you feel when you walk out of your local F45 studio. We’re here for YOU! 





Why HIIT Isn’t Just for Young Adults



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