Why More Amenities Doesn’t Mean More Happiness at the Gym

When people are scouting out new gyms, they will often look at social media or websites to learn more about the facilities. Information that potential gym-goers seek out includes: what the environment feels like, what the gym offers, and how much their services cost.

Generally speaking, people are drawn to clean facilities where they are welcomed and given what they pay for as members. Although that may be true, everyone has different ‘boxes to check’ in order to fulfill their needs when it comes to a gym that they truly love. Are beautifully-crafted rain showers and saunas luxurious when touring gyms? Absolutely! Are they nice to have? Sure! Are they necessary for you to get a great workout and reap the benefits of joining a fitness studio? Not necessarily.

Here’s why we encourage potential members to join fitness studios based on things besides amenities. What are your thoughts?

Amenities are great, but you don’t always have the time to use them.

How many times are you lucky enough just to fit in a workout? You don’t always have the ability to enjoy the amenities that you once thought were so important. Is using the sauna once a quarter for 15 minutes worth the extra cost?

When you pay premium prices for a gym without the unnecessary bells and whistles, you know that the money you are paying is going towards things that will directly impact you as a customer.

This includes: better equipment, highly-skilled trainers available to you, and a clean facility in which you feel comfortable. F45 Training, for example, makes sure that all of our trainers are highly skilled in their field and can handle anything the job throws at them. They come into work each and every day ready to give our clients their undivided attention and provide them with an uplifting and positive experience. Would you rather have clean, state-of-the-art equipment and top-of-the -ine trainers, or pay money towards heating a hot tub you may (or may not) sit in a few times in your whole lifetime? 

You will surround yourself with like-minded people that are ready to get down to business.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to skip a hard workout every now and then for a soak in the hot tub, but we don’t necessarily recommend it being a position you put yourself in every time you check into the your gym. If you are the type of person who gets distracted every time you are faced with choices (i.e. Should I go sit in the sauna or attend this workout class?), you may want to skip the temptation altogether. Gyms that offer straightforward workout classes are great because they allow you to show up for your workout and leave, without the temptation of getting distracted while you’re there. 

Think about it this way: why pay for things that you don’t necessarily need? Our life is full of paying for streaming services, expedited shipping, and delivery fees—why add something else to your stack of monthly bills unless you know it’s of benefit to you? 

Here’s what you get when you pay to be a member of the F45 Training community.

– A judgement-free, inclusive, and empowering environment that will allow you to unplug for 45 minutes of your day, get your workout in, and go home without distractions. 
– Clean, state-of-the-art equipment.
– Functional workouts that allow you to improve your everyday movements while enjoying the benefits of countless exercise combinations.
– Trainers that care about your health and wellbeing, and are truly qualified to be delivering HIIT workouts to you each and every day. They’ll ensure you have proper form and push you when (and if) you feel comfortable.
– A front desk staff that will be warm, welcoming, and hospitable every time.
– A community that cares about its wellbeing and will cheer you on every step of the way, no matter what.

Are you getting everything you need out of a gym? Are you paying too much for amenities you don’t even use? Are you truly happy with your gym community? 

We’re here for you, whenever you are ready to join the F45 Family!

Why More Amenities Doesn’t Mean More Happiness at the Gym



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