Why Your Mindset Matters Now More Than Ever

As we continue to navigate the new normal with COVID-19, it is important to remember that what we do now will shape our life after this pandemic is over. Simply put, what we do now will matter later. Our mindset, self-talk and choices over these next few months will translate into a successful, or hectic, few months after COVID-19 has loosened its grip on society. 

What Mindset Are You In? 

It can be easy to wake up in the morning, turn on the TV or look at your smartphone and become immediately overwhelmed from the amount of COVID-19 information you digest. It is incredibly hard not to succumb to the dark cloud that seems to be over all of our heads. Is it okay to feel sad, anxious or upset due to the circumstances that the world is facing? Absolutely. However, we encourage you to pivot the way you are looking at your current situation and find a different mindset.

The Fear Zone 

As you can see from the above image, there are a few different ‘mindset zones’ that you can be in during this time. The first is likely to be one that we all are in at some point—the ‘fear zone.’ This is when we feed into the mass hysteria and start to react in unhealthy ways. While this zone is likely the least productive, it is still important, because it will help you grow into a stronger person on the other side of this pandemic. 

During your time in the fear zone, you may find yourself asking a lot of questions, such as ‘What if I lose my job?’ or ‘What if I run out of money and I am broke?’ This is normal because, quite frankly, none of us has the answers to those questions. You may be feeling like your luck has run out and you can’t possibly put in any more effort besides the bare minimum. This is also the stage where a lot of excuses come into play. It is important to know that you are not alone in this mindset, but you have the ability to grow out of it and into a new one. 

The Learning Zone

The second mindset is the ‘learning zone,’ where a lot of self-reflection, education and change happens. This is where you may start to realize that all you can do during this global pandemic is to put your best foot forward and use your common sense when it comes to information during this time. Rather than overreact to news or information, you can use the facts to seek out the truth and find a way to use that information to your benefit. If you are looking for new opportunities during this time, such as starting your own business, this is a great mindset to be in. This is the time for researching your options and finding ways to make your dreams come true. You may not be ready to act upon them right this second, but the due diligence you are doing will go a long way in the future. 

The Growth Zone 

Once you have left the learning phase, you graduate to the most productive and the most beneficial stage, the ‘growth zone.’ While the other two phases were important and necessary, now you are able to really turn your energy into opportunities. Having a growth mindset can set you apart from others, especially during a time like this. When you have a growth mindset, you will seek out new ventures and visualize ways in which you can capitalize on the current economic climate. Additionally, you will show gratefulness for being alive and you will likely give yourself (and others) the grace that is needed to get through this time. 

This may also be a pivotal point for you when considering your purpose and career goals. During your growth phase, you may start to think outside the box. Sure, there is a global pandemic right now, but what does that mean for the future? Low interest rates? Loans that could possibly turn into grants? Cheap real estate? Your growth mindset will allow you to pivot the way you think about the world around you and start to see it through the rose-colored glasses that you once did. 

What’s Next? 

If you are in the growth mindset and want to look for ways to invest in yourself and your future, consider opening a franchise with a company like F45 Training. It may seem like an odd time to take such a risk, but it actually could be one of the best times for you to capitalize on the current situation. The mindset that you choose to be in for the foreseeable future will allow you to emerge stronger than ever on the other side of this pandemic, ready to take on whatever challenges are thrown your way.

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