Will 2022 Be The Biggest Year For Fitness?

It’s here! A fresh new year, and if there’s anything we’ve learnt from the past 12 months, it’s that NOTHING stays the same. We are nearly through January and already we are seeing some strong trends solidify themselves within the industry!

The last 2 years have taught us that as humans, we are extremely adaptable, and the same goes for business! We’ve seen many companies change and innovate through the current times to ensure that they can continue operating and providing their products and services to consumers.

Like all industries, health and fitness has taken a knock from the pandemic, but it’s interesting to look back at what business models have remained solid, and even more so, looking at what brands have now evolved through innovation.

Fitness trends will continuously change as consumer demands change. We know that consumer behaviour heavily influences the fitness industry, therefore innovation is a huge sticking point for industry leaders. Businesses are continuing to evaluate their significance amongst competitors, and find ways that they can sustain and advance their place in the marketplace.

We’ve been keeping an eye out the past couple of months and seeing a shift in trends amongst the fitness industry. While some trends stand strong year after year, we are seeing some new contenders catch the eye of consumers.

So, let’s take a look at what trends we are seeing popular in 2022 so far!

Boutique and Community 

There’s something about working out in a group that makes you feel GREAT. Entire companies and brands are built on the idea that exercising in a group provides better results and creates a sense of community. Group training has a variety of benefits, some of these include increased motivation, caters to all fitness levels, being held accountable and being part of a group who are working towards a common goal. People are continuously seeking more intimate, personalised group training and that’s why the boutique trend remains top tier!

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Every year, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) continues to trend. Typically, HIIT workouts involve short bursts of activity with periods of rest. This long-lived trend has been at the top of the leader board for some time, and we don’t see it slowing down!

Wearable Tech

Wearable tech continues to remain at the top of the ladder; from heart rate monitors, to smart watches and fitness trackers, they all have a big role in the fitness-tech world right now. Tracking and measuring your heart rate, sleep and even stress have been accessible at the click of a button and are huge motivators in the fitness world amongst consumers. 

Hybrid Training

After many lockdowns, and many different trials of sustaining exercise during the pandemic while studios were closed, online (on-demand) workouts became very popular. Being able to stick with the same studio or gym during lockdown and using an online platform was a saving grace for many! It meant staying part of the same supportive studio community. On- demand workouts aren’t necessarily a direct competitor with in-studio training, it is just another way to support and connect with members!

Outdoor Workouts

Another trend that has, and without a doubt continued its popularity is outdoor training. As much as we were stuck in doors last year, exercising outside was a saviour for many people, therefore outdoor workouts are continuing to be a top favourite for 2022. Hiking, running, cycling and climbing remain high, because you can’t argue that the great outdoors really is the best medicine!

Low-impact exercise

As popular as high-impact exercise is, there’s also a space for low-impact exercises. Training that has low impact on our joints such as yoga and Pilates are perfect for strengthening, balance and stability.

Sustainable Fitness

We’ve seen a shift towards sustainable fitness as consumers continue to appreciate the importance of long-term goals and something they can continue, rather than a ‘quick-fix’. The cliché ‘it’s not the destination, it’s the journey’ is the perfect example of this. Exercise should make you feel good, and while it’s hard, it should be something you can maintain as part of your everyday routine.

Body and Mind

Moving through 2022, there will be a big focus on holistic fitness programs and mind-body practices. Physical health is of course important, but we are seeing a continued focus on mental health and finding your personal ‘zen’. Functional training, Yoga and Pilates are at an all-time high as we focus heavily on alleviating anxiety and stress.

F45 Training has tapped into the boutique fitness market and has continued to grow throughout the pandemic. The brands adaptable and flexible business model has differentiated itself from others in the industry, and we can’t wait to see where 2022 takes us!

We’ve been keeping an eye out the past couple of months and seeing a shift in trends amongst the fitness industry. While some trends stand strong year after year, we are seeing some new contenders catch the eye of consumers. Let’s check them out.



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