Employment, apprenticeship and ownership opportunities will vary depending on if you are active duty, a veteran, certified as a trainer, not certified, etc. 


Therefore, to avoid us sending you unnecessary information, submit your inquiry today and tell us more about which opportunity you are interested in. 



F45 isn’t just a market leader in fitness innovation and technology. F45 has a proprietary business model. We offer ongoing team support through infrastructure, systems and procedures, exercise training, marketing, and sales support and an unrivaled team behind you every step of the way.


  • Full induction course on F45 systems training
  • Evolving and ongoing training for exercise systems and regimes
  • Full suite of music, marketing and promotional assets
  • Divisional, state and national F45 owner meetings
  • Full time online support desk

Be a part of the F45 community and work in a fun team environment. Get in touch with one of our team today to make your move towards becoming an F45 franchise owner.

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Ready to take the next step and own an F45?



We have created potential employment opportunities for service members to fast-track into our F45 network.

The industry standard requires coaches to have their Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) certification to get hired. We give service members credit for their time spent in the military, provide online training through our F45 Academy, and place them in F45 studios for on-the-job training. Once the service member has completed our fast-track process, studio owners can hire them while they’re working towards their CPT certification.   

If you would like an opportunity to be fast-tracked into our network through our VIP45 Military Program, please submit an inquiry.

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F45 studios aim to provide service members with internship and apprenticeship program opportunities. If you are accepted in a program, you would receive on-the-job training so you can experience the F45 studio environment first hand and build upon your existing skills.  You will also have the opportunity to earn college credit and fitness certifications through both programs.

Our internship program is a 12-Week DoD Approved SkillBridge Program fitness opportunity that helps active-duty service members obtain the on-the-job training (OJT) and education they need to work in the fitness industry, prior to being discharged from the military.

Our apprenticeship program is designed for coaches working for an F45 studio, who want to become Master Fitness Trainers. This will allow service members to continue to work at a F45 studio, use their VA benefits to pay for their education, and also receive their military housing allowance (stipend). 

If you are interested in participating in either our internship or apprenticeship opportunity through our VIP45 Military Program, please submit an inquiry.

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F45 Training recognizes that some of their best owner-operators are those who have served in the military.  Therefore, F45 provides military incentives to those who are interested in becoming franchise owners within our network. 

If you are interested in utilizing the education, training and leadership skills you have developed in the military to open an F45 franchise, please submit an inquiry. 

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Developing the Veterans Impact Program 45 (VIP45) for active duty service members and veterans is a dream come true. As the director, I am committed to helping veterans apply their experience to the fitness industry and make an impact in their communities. Committed, not inspired.

Michael Nichols
F45 Director of Military Operations

The model made sense from a business and finance perspective. Between the turnkey solution and the support of HQ, opening the first gym was super smooth even for someone with no previous experience. Today, I now have invested in three F45 Studios with my brother and our third partner.

Luke Catenacci
Owner/Operator - F45 Flatiron, LES

Beyond the incredible support of our member base, we have also been blessed with a tremendous amount of support from other F45 owners as well as the staff at F45 Headquarters.  Just before we opened, we were below our membership goals. With one call to the team at HQ, we were enrolled in one of the marketing packages which delivered an abundance of quality leads.

Miguel Zurita
Owner/Operator - F45 North Weston

As a working mum, I know how precious time can be. I loved that F45 classes are so time efficient and that the results that can be achieved are life changing. Following my passion and starting a business that truly impacts the lives of so many in my community is the best decision I have ever made.

Jane Roche
Owner/Operator - F45 Brighton Central

Prior to F45, we had been on very different paths. While we both had promising careers, we realized that fitness was our passion and that we wanted to do something for ourselves. Sixteen months after visiting an F45, we launched and it has been an awesome journey to date. We are loving every minute of being able to provide fitness to people from all different walks of life.

Tristan & Haydn Elliot
Owner/Operator - F45 Oxford Circus

The Team Training, Life Changing slogan is applicable in every tier of my life. You don’t get anywhere in this world without a team. You need a solid network of people that are building something.  We are building a healthier world together.

Charlie McNeil
Franchise Owner, F45 Training Culver City

F45 is the brand to buy into, to change lives, to build a community. There is an awesome team at HQ to stand by your side, to help you through the process. If you lean on them for knowledge and guidance you will be just fine.

Taylor Cummins
Franchise Owner, F45 Training Dallas Main Street