Employment, apprenticeship and ownership opportunities will vary depending on if you are active duty, a veteran, certified as a trainer, not certified, etc. 


Therefore, to avoid us sending you unnecessary information, submit your inquiry today and tell us more about which opportunity you are interested in. 



F45 isn’t just a market leader in fitness innovation and technology. F45 has a proprietary business model. We offer ongoing team support through infrastructure, systems and procedures, exercise training, marketing, and sales support and an unrivaled team behind you every step of the way.


  • Full induction course on F45 systems training
  • Evolving and ongoing training for exercise systems and regimes
  • Full suite of music, marketing and promotional assets
  • Divisional, state and national F45 owner meetings
  • Full time online support desk

Be a part of the F45 community and work in a fun team environment. Get in touch with one of our team today to make your move towards becoming an F45 franchise owner.

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Ready to take the next step and own an F45?


On-Site Fitness Studios

That’s where our turnkey fitness studio model comes in. At F45, we will work with your team to understand your company’s unique culture, goals and wellness initiatives and carve out the perfect addition to your wellness program. We will assist you each step of the way, giving your people the on-site fitness studio they deserve.

Together, we can help your employees transform their lifestyle physically and mentally, while running daily classes that encourage teamwork and a sense of community growth within the organization. 

How it works

 Your F45 corporate studio will have...

  • Daily 45-minute workouts, programmed by elite trainers that can be played any time of day 
  • Studio space conveniently located on your corporate campus.

To learn more, contact Heather Brenes by filling out the form above! 

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Benefits of F45 On-Site Studios and Corporate Wellness

You can’t be a good boss, teammate, friend, or spouse without taking care of yourself first and foremost.  For every $1 spent on workplace wellness, employers can save up to $6 on healthcare costs, according to Harvard Business Review.

A high-quality fitness studio with modern equipment and technology can be a differentiator, not to mention a great recruiting and retention tool. 

  • Healthy organizations have shown increased:
    • Employee Satisfaction 
    • Morale
    • Retention 
    • Productivity
    • Brain Power
    • Motivation
  • Healthy organizations have shown decreased:
    • Health Care Costs
    • Absenteeism 
    • Stress
    • Sickness 
    • Poor Attitudes
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Elite Partners

We work with elite partners such as

  • USC 
  • Hopkins 
  • Baylor 

Celebrity Endorsed. Investor Backed.

“The founders of F45 Training have done an incredible job building a global brand, and with this partnership, we hope to continue disrupting the fitness industry. We look forward to inspiring people all over the world to pursue their health and fitness goals by introducing them to F45.”

-- Mark Wahlberg, F45 Strategic Investor

Next Steps:

Make us your corporate onsite studio wellness partner, and inspire employees to hit benchmarks inside the office by showing them you care.


Reach out to Heather Brenes, Corporate Business Development Director to get started by filling out the form above!

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This will be the year for F45...and you thought Crossfit made a lot of noise.

Men's Health

The goal for F45 is for there to be a studio on almost every corner, and the way things are going, I can imagine that goal won't be hard to achieve.


By providing a full food and fitness program, F45 is better able to inspire members to hold themselves accountable to a healthy lifestyle, not to mention, stay committed to the studio. At F45, the average attendance rate is three times per week.

Fast Company

If you are into your fitness, chances are you've heard of F45... becoming one of the fastest-growing fitness franchises in the world.


The Team Training, Life Changing slogan is applicable in every tier of my life. You don’t get anywhere in this world without a team. You need a solid network of people that are building something.  We are building a healthier world together.

Charlie McNeil
Owner, F45 Training Culver City

F45 is the brand to buy into, to change lives, to build a community. There is an awesome team at HQ to stand by your side, to help you through the process. If you lean on them for knowledge and guidance you will be just fine.

Taylor Cummins
Owner, F45 Training Dallas Main Street